Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Project life - wk 9

Ok, so this is a day late.  Sorry!  Life with 3 is getting crazier by the day!
On to the pics or I will never finish it!  More words later :)
02/28 - Happy Birthday to Mommy (a day early).  Mason told Mommy's best friend Keely that Mommy needed a chocolate cake.  So, she made it happen for me!  Thanks Keely! (Note that Mommy told Mason to tell Daddy, but he knew who to go to to make it happen!)

03/01 -Max really liked Mommy's cake.  Daddy gave him a little of the chocolate shavings and Mommy gave him some yummy chocolate icing.  YUM!

03/02 - My car (Honda P1lot) has had the ABS, VSA, emergency brake and check engine lights intermittently coming on.  It took 4 trips to H0nda, 1 dead battery and 1 more replaced battery (in case?) to figure out the braking system computer was the problem.

03/03 - Mason had Preschool chapel at school.  They sang several patriotic songs (thus the red, white and blue clothes) and several memory verses.  Sweet boy was so cute up there and kept waving to us!

03/04 - Mommy and Miles.  A beautiful day outside and a picture taken by Miles with his cheesy "cheese" face.  Not sure how to get him to stop making the "cheese" face and just smile at me!

03/05 - A mess.  By Miles.  Daily.  Boy loves to take the books off the shelves.  Especially annoying when Mommy has to put them away in case we have a showing!

03/06 - Max's first ride in the big-daddy Ir0n-man B0b double stroller.  Looks like he and Miles had a great time and Mommy had a good workout!