Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Max is sick

Poor sweet Max had a rough night last night.  I knew that he seemed off yesterday, but had no idea what the night held for us.  Around 5 yesterday afternoon, his nose started draining.  I was wiping it about once a minute.  He was fussy too.  Went to bed fine around 7.  Woke up at 11pm and I fed him in our bed.  I thought he felt warm but was too tired to really think about it.  Woke back up at midnight and he was hot.  Took his temp and it was 102.  Poor guy!  Tylenol and up for quite a while (he would sleep about 10 minutes then wake up crying).  Finally to bed around 1:30.  Back up at 2:30 - Daddy got him back to sleep.  Up at 4:30.  Fed him again and slept in our bed until 7.  Woke up at 7 and he was hot again.  Didn't bother with taking it just gave him more tylenol.  Took temp at 8:15 and was still at 100.
Going to see pediatrician at 11:10. Praying it is not his ears.  Don't know that I am ready to deal with all that again! Will update later.