Monday, March 29, 2010

Next to last check-in post - Bible in 90 days

Today is the last official weekly check-in post for my Bible in 90 Days group!
Today is day 88.  The plan has the reading complete today, but there are 2 grace days, so Wednesday will be the 90th day.

Can I be real honest?  I really never thought when I posted this that I would actually finish in 90 days.
But here I am at day 88.  I should be finished today, but am thankful for the 2 grace days!
As of right now (4pm on Monday), I am at Hebrews 5.  8 Books left.  Most are quite short.  I can totally do this!  I am thinking about what I want to do next.  As I read there was some that I just truly did not understand.  Will keep thinking a bit and let you know on Wednesday when I get to announce that I am finished!!!

In other news, Max (finally) had his 6 month check-up today.  (Yes, he turned 6 months almost 2 weeks ago.  During spring break.  Yes, I refused to take 3 boys to the doctor during spring break.)  Here are his stats at 6 1/2 months old!

Weight: 17lb 9.5 oz (50%)
Height: 26 1/4" (40%)
Head: 44 (52%)

Just for kicks, at 6 months,
Mason was: weight: 18lb 3 oz (60%)  height: 27" (70%)  head: 44.5 (75%)
Miles was:  weight: 16lb 15 oz (45%)  height: 28 1/4" (93%)   head: 44.7 (75%)

So, Max is right in the middle on weight, short (especially compared to Miles) and a little head.... relatively speaking, of course! :)
The other thing I learned today is that the ear that was infected last Wednesday is clearing up but still has fluid.  The other ear is infected now though.  I am not sure how that happens when he is on antibiotics, but apparently it does.  And, he got 3 shots today plus an oral vaccine.  Poor guy is letting me know how much he disliked the morning.  He has not napped at all today and is in his bed screaming his head off now.  So, Mommy is going to go try and comfort sweet peanut.  And get more Bible reading in.

More later.....


Brandi Tooker said...

That's weird that they both had their first ear infections so close to each other! They are close to the same size. Will is just a little taller and thinner. Keep thinking he is going to beef up - but I keep waiting! House is going well - we move on April 17th - can't wait!! Lots of showings recently on the we are hopeful! We'll see!