Friday, April 23, 2010

"I need a newspaper break"

When Mason was a babe ......

(and would happily take a bottle from anyone willing to feed him - ahem, Max - take notes!!!  And, some things never change as Mason tells me at least 16 times every day that he is hungry.  Sometimes as I am still cleaning up from a meal.  I will not be able to keep up in the teenage years!),

....... Eric would get up early with him and give him his first bottle of the day and read the Wall Street Journal to him.  He did that for months and months every morning. 

 (photos taken 06/25/05 - Mason was 5 months old)
We still get the WSJ and Tuesday, Mason came and found me changing Max's diaper and told me that he was going to take a newspaper break.

That is some serious newspaper reading!!

Not to be outdone, Miles decided to get in on the action and get caught up on current events as well.
Only the truly devoted WSJ reader highlights while reading.  You know, in case he needs to refer to an article later.

Yes, I took pictures.
Yes, I laughed.
Yes, I truly felt the need for evidence.
No, I really can't make this stuff up.  I am just NOT that creative!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Mason received this outfit when he was 6 months old.  (Thanks Auntie Kim!)
I loved it then. On Mason......

Mason - photo taken 8/14/05 - 6 1/2 months old

And I loved it a few years later. On Miles......
Miles - photo taken 5/2/08 - 11 months old

And I loved it again yesterday.  On Max......
Max - photo taken 4/20/10 - 7 months old

One of the best things about having 3 boys is that I get to keep using the clothes I love so much.  So many clothes have distinct memories tied to them.  I remember having Eric take the picture of Mason.  We were headed to church and I was wearing a pink dress that was my Easter dress that year.
I get so happy to open up each bin of clothes when the seasons change or the boys start outgrowing a size.  I love to go back through their clothes, especially baby clothes, and remember things we did when they wore each outfit.  Some are big events - Easter, Christmas, baby dedications.  Others are simple, like a trip to the park or simple play clothes.  But each time, I get teary and nostalgic and my heart floods with emotions - happy and sad.
I also love to look at pictures of each boy in the same outfit at a similar age and see how similar and different the boys are.  Definitely brothers, but each unique in their own special way!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ears, Ears, Moving, Growing, Grossness

There are weeks that just leave me amazed.  The last 7-10 days is just such a week!!!

Max:  In the last week (or so), he has learned to:

  • sit on his own (love this one - makes grocery shopping so much easier!), 
  • crawl,
  • pull to standing (somebody hold me!), 
  • cut his first tooth (just found that one this morning), 
  • had his 3rd ear infection (yes, really!) and 
  • started drinking juice out of a cup. 

Ready to take off across the room.....

Miles:  Miles had a follow-up at the ENT this morning. He pulled the second tube out of his ear.  Apparently when we were in to the ped last week, it was out of the eardrum, but still in his ear.  And, that is why Miles kept messing around with that ear.  The ENT asked me if I wanted the tube.  I hesitated and didn't know how to tell him that it totally disgusted me (and still does) without looking like a terrible mom.  So, he put it in a tissue and I took it.  Ugh!!!  Maybe I will clean it up and not be so grossed out.  It is bigger (longer) than I thought it would be.
He has an outer ear infection, so we have to do drops for 10 days and then go see him in 2 weeks for a(nother) follow-up appointment.  I really thought we might be done today.  But no, he wants to make sure all is healed up before he sends us on our merry way.  I think that he is also going to test his hearing that day.

I did ask the ENT about Max's ears and he said 4 infections in one year = need to see the ENT.  We go back to the ped 5/3 to make sure they are clear.  If not, we will make an appointment to see the ENT.  Miles goes back on 5/5, so maybe we can do them both at the same time. 

I have to take a minute and just take a deep breath to keep from laughing and crying about that last paragraph. 

OK, moving on.
I am going to purposely leave Mason out of this post because I have a really funny story about my favorite 5-year-old.  It really deserves its own post! :)

And, I realize I put "moving" in the title. Could freak some people out that we might have an offer on our house, but no.... it is all about Max moving, not us moving houses.  I wish it were the opposite (house moving and max not moving).  Admit it.... which did you think????

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Project life - week 14

 I sat down the other night and updated my album with pictures and journaling through March.  I am so excited that I am up to date and staying up on this project!  I highly recommend it to anyone!  It is easy, the kit contains everything you need (except the pics and the words, of course).  It takes me maybe 30 minutes a week to choose the pics for the previous week and journal and about 1 hour at the end of the month to write it all out and put it in the album.
Anyway, here are this week's pictures....
Sunday, April 11 - Max loves to be outside just like his big brothers and daddy!  We are enjoying beautiful weather and a lot of new growth on our plants. 

Monday, April 12 - The week started with a bang!  Miles' MDO teacher (Ms. Catherine) mentioned she thought Miles was a little off.  When I asked him, he said his ear hurt.  So, off to the ped we went.  The good news?  Both ear tubes are out.  The bad news?  He (already) has an ear infection in his left ear.

Tuesday, April 13 - Mason is getting so big!  He is an awesome big brother and LOVES to dig holes and play with tractors. 

Wednesday, April 14 - Speaking of digging holes, our garden is starting to show signs of life!  Corn is in the middle.  Tiny buds of tomato plants and carrots are coming up around the edges. 

Thursday, April 15 - I know I have a lot of pictures of Miles painting, but he loves it and it is the only time he sits still enough for a picture!  Plus, those curls are YUMMY!  This time, he decided to finger paint while Mommy was out of the room with Max.  Finger paint on Mommy's floor, that is.....

Friday, April 16 - Our landscaping looks beautiful in the spring!  Eric did an awesome job turning a bare, boring lawn into this beautiful place in 6 short years!

Saturday, April 17 - I don't often do pictures of things that are sitting still, but I love our Japanese Maple tree.  The color is striking and this little tree near our front door is welcoming!

Have a great week!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mason-ism and Miles-ism #2

Mason:  I heard it.
Me: I didn't hear anything.
Mason: But I have big ears and I heard it.


I got Miles a toy tractor today and it has a farmer that goes with it.
This evening he started singing "the farmer and the jail, the farmer and the jail"
I didn't even try to explain that it is the farmer and the DELL!


7 months old

Max is 7 months old!  I can hardly believe we are well past the half-way point in his life!  It is going by so quickly.  I am trying so hard to enjoy every moment and take it all in, but Max's first year is flying by me.

At 7 months, you:
  • wear size 6mo clothes still, size 3 shoes
  • are CRAWLING!  you are all over the house now!
  • weigh 18lb 4oz
  • have had 3 ear infections.  poor baby!
  • love to watch your brothers!  you can be so fussy, but they come in the room and you cheer up
  • are starting to hate to go to bed.  you fuss a few minutes and then put yourself to sleep nicely!
  • love your daddy!  you smile so big at him when he comes home after work
  • have a sweet smile and a sweeter personality.
  • love your mommy too!  i like to think it goes beyond feedings, but i do know the way to a boy's heart - food!!!

Your first time down the slide.  I love that in the first picture, big brother Miles is right there watching over you along with Daddy (and you are watching him).  Then he decides to follow you down the slide (you can barely see him at the top in the third picture).

You did have your third ear infection on the day you turned 7 months.  We are trying a new antibiotic and have a follow-up appointment in a couple of weeks to make sure they are clear this time.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Project life - week 14


Sunday 04/04 - Happy Resurrection Day aka Happy Easter. My favorite boys!

Monday, 04/05 - Breakfast - PB&J waffles and juice with cartoons on in the background.

Tuesday, 04/06 - Bubbles!!!  Always a favorite

Wednesday, 04/07 - First slide with Daddy.  Max might just be a dare-devil like big brother Miles (notice him in the background).  Miles jumped off the top of that platform about 5 seconds after this pic was taken.

Thursday, 04/08 - My cowboy

Friday, 04/09 - You know you are a third child when mom puts you in the laundry basket.  Does it make it any better that he is laying on clean clothes?  Please ignore the other piles of clothes on the floor. :)

Saturday, 04/10 - Young Life was doing a car wash to raise money to send kids to camp.  The boys and I decided to help them out and my car received a much-needed bath!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

sick. again. * 2.

Miles has an ear infection.
Both tubes are out (one was out in Feb) now.
And he already has an ear infection.
At least we caught it really early (he told me his ear hurt) and he didn't have to suffer for days like he did before the tubes (he got those at 10 1/2 months old).

When I got home from the doctor's office (1 1/2 hours there, thanks so much!), Max had a fever.  101.2 at that point.  Gave him m0trin.  An hour later, up to 101.5.  How does that happen?  Rough night and fever over 102.5. 

Miles seems great this morning.  Playing and happy. 
Max is so fussy.  Still has low-grade fever.  Wondering if his ear infection from a few weeks ago is back (or never fully went away?) Not sure what I should do with him - doctor's trip or not.  All 3 boys would have to go with me.  NOT FUN.
May just play the day by ear.... pun sorta intended... :)

What now?

So, I finished reading the Bible in 90 days.  And if I am being really honest, I have only picked up my Bible 2 times since I finished and actually read 1 time.  So sad.

Part of the reason I wanted to do the challenge is so that I would get into a habit of being in God's word daily.  Sort of like a total immersion language program.  I thought that I would find a good rhythm and a time of day that I would sit down and focus on God.
But that did not happen.
I generally flew by the seat of my pants and struggled to finish each day's reading, especially the last 30 days of reading.
I want to be in the word.  I want to be more like Him.  I want to hear Him and know his voice.  I want to be broken before God.
Although I just realized I used the word "I" about 47 times, this is not about me.  It is about Him.

He wants me in the word.  He wants me to be more like Him.  He wants to hear from me and He wants me to know His voice when He speaks.  He wants me to be broken before Him.
Yeah, it is about Him, not me.  That feels better.

Psalm 51:15-17
15 O Lord, open my lips,
       and my mouth will declare your praise.
 16 You do not delight in sacrifice, or I would bring it;
       you do not take pleasure in burnt offerings.
 17 The sacrifices of God are [c] a broken spirit;
       a broken and contrite heart,
       O God, you will not despise.

I was talking to a friend the other day and we starting talking about a third girl that is just amazing.  She has more things on her plate (4 kids, hubby, many other family commitments) than I can even imagine yet she gets up around 5 each morning and spends time in the Word.  She commits herself to that time.  She commits that time to God.  The only way my eyes see 5am is if someone needs to be fed or changed (just being honest here!) and I usually don't have the best attitude about being up at that time of the morning.
I thought about her all yesterday afternoon and really felt like God was gently nudging me that she (the friend) is often tired at 5am.  She does go to bed at a reasonable hour, which I don't always do. She does take care of herself (eating well, exercising regularly), which I rarely do.  I could say that she is in a different phase of life, but her two youngest are 3 and 1.  So really, she isn't.
Or is she?  Yes, she probably is because she is walking the walk and not just talking the talk.  She has a commitment to God that does not exist at this point in my life.  She is walking in the light like

So, is a 5am wake-up on my plate?  Probably not yet.  Maybe 6am though.  Getting up when the boys get up really sets me up for failure in the mornings and sets the tone for the whole day of feeling behind, out of control, not in charge of my time and day.

The other thing I am struggling with is what is next.  Now that I have read the whole Bible, what do I read now?  I think I need to go back and study a few books in more depth.  I need to understand Isaiah, Daniel, and Revelation (wow - that is a hard one!) more.  I need a guide to really understand those I think!

So, just keeping it real and being honest here.  I am struggling and this blog is the best way for me to work through thoughts in my head.  I will update as I figure more things out and get into a good routine.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mason-ism and Miles-ism

Mason was singing a song he learned at school "God Made Me".
It starts "God made me.  God made me.  I'm so happy can't you see."
Then it goes through body parts and the kids touch the part ....
"God made my fingers and God made my toes"
One line is "God made my hips and God made my knees"
Mason was singing it to Max the other day and sang:
"God made my hippos and God made my knees"

Uh.....I feel like that some days.... hippos instead of hips.

Anyway.  Moving on......

Miles says so many things that are hilarious.
We were in the car the other day and stopped by my mom's office. She came out and was standing next to the car in front of Miles (he was still buckled into his booster seat).  Miles took a drink of water, turned his head and spit it onto Mason's seat.  (One day, someone will have to explain to me how a boy thinks.  I don't think I will ever understand why that thought even occurred to him.)  Nana got onto Miles and asked him where he is supposed to spit. 
(Now, just to clarify something.  I decided when Mason was about 2 years old that apparently little boys (and big boys?) have a need to spit.  It is not just a fun thing, it seems to be a need.  So fine, I decided.  But, I set the rule that if you need to spit, you must do it in the yard.  Not in the house, not in the car.  In the yard.  Call me crazy (you wouldn't be the first) but it seems to appease the boys and I don't have to discipline for spitting.  Most of the time anyway.) 
We were both expecting the normal answer of "in the yard".
Miles looks her straight in the eye and says "in Mason's seat". 
We both cracked up laughing!  We totally failed to correct him at that moment we were laughing too hard.

I have actually had several people ask me lately how I ever discipline Miles.  He has started this thing where when you start to get onto him, he tilts his head to the side, puts his hand under his chin and smiles at you.

(I know the pic is a bit blurry, but you get the idea!)

In other news, Max is officially mobile.  My days just got 19 times harder!!!!
I shot video of him last night and hope to get some pics to post today.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sweet Shot 2

Sweet Shot Day

I thought this was a sweet pic of the big boys with their Grandpa.
Now, I wouldn't call him the best babysitter :), but clearly they are comfortable and happy in Grandpa's big leather recliner!  And, I love the way that Grandpa is holding Mason's hand.

Project life - week 13

 03/28 - Miles Ellis.  You fill my days with craziness. But I sure do love your spirit and your spunk.  And your curls.  I am SO glad that YOU got my curls.  They fit your personality!

03/29 - Maddox likes to show off his skills these days.  He loves to get in this position and just hang out.  I am impressed with his arm strength!  We finally made it to the ped for his 6 month well check.  All is well! ;)

03/30 -Mr. Fix-It * 2.  These boys are always getting into trouble for getting out Daddy's tools. There is always something that needs to be fixed though!

03/31 - I finished one huge goal today.  I read the entire Bible in 90 days.  I loved reading it all in such a short amount of time.  It was quite a huge challenge, but I did it!

04/01 - Welcome Greyson Cole!  It is no April's Fool joke - our newest nephew arrived this evening weighing 7lb 7oz and 20" long. We can hardly wait to meet you! (This was Max's going home from the hospital outfit.  Such memories!)

04/02 - My favorite part of the picture is the way that Maddox is looking at Mason.  He LOVES his 2 big brothers.  Oh the mischief they will get into one day.  Soon, oh so soon!

04/03 - Tomorrow is Easter!  We enjoyed an egg hunt a day early with Kevin and Kelley's church.  Such a beautiful day.  Love this picture of my 4 boys!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday. 
I don't really understand that title.  There was nothing "good" about Friday. 

Sunday is GREATNESS.
But Friday. 
Friday is a day that breaks my heart.

My prayer today is that God would break my heart for the things that break His heart.
Widows, orphans, injustice, sin, being lukewarm.

I pray the same for you today.