Thursday, April 22, 2010


Mason received this outfit when he was 6 months old.  (Thanks Auntie Kim!)
I loved it then. On Mason......

Mason - photo taken 8/14/05 - 6 1/2 months old

And I loved it a few years later. On Miles......
Miles - photo taken 5/2/08 - 11 months old

And I loved it again yesterday.  On Max......
Max - photo taken 4/20/10 - 7 months old

One of the best things about having 3 boys is that I get to keep using the clothes I love so much.  So many clothes have distinct memories tied to them.  I remember having Eric take the picture of Mason.  We were headed to church and I was wearing a pink dress that was my Easter dress that year.
I get so happy to open up each bin of clothes when the seasons change or the boys start outgrowing a size.  I love to go back through their clothes, especially baby clothes, and remember things we did when they wore each outfit.  Some are big events - Easter, Christmas, baby dedications.  Others are simple, like a trip to the park or simple play clothes.  But each time, I get teary and nostalgic and my heart floods with emotions - happy and sad.
I also love to look at pictures of each boy in the same outfit at a similar age and see how similar and different the boys are.  Definitely brothers, but each unique in their own special way!