Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mason-ism and Miles-ism

Mason was singing a song he learned at school "God Made Me".
It starts "God made me.  God made me.  I'm so happy can't you see."
Then it goes through body parts and the kids touch the part ....
"God made my fingers and God made my toes"
One line is "God made my hips and God made my knees"
Mason was singing it to Max the other day and sang:
"God made my hippos and God made my knees"

Uh.....I feel like that some days.... hippos instead of hips.

Anyway.  Moving on......

Miles says so many things that are hilarious.
We were in the car the other day and stopped by my mom's office. She came out and was standing next to the car in front of Miles (he was still buckled into his booster seat).  Miles took a drink of water, turned his head and spit it onto Mason's seat.  (One day, someone will have to explain to me how a boy thinks.  I don't think I will ever understand why that thought even occurred to him.)  Nana got onto Miles and asked him where he is supposed to spit. 
(Now, just to clarify something.  I decided when Mason was about 2 years old that apparently little boys (and big boys?) have a need to spit.  It is not just a fun thing, it seems to be a need.  So fine, I decided.  But, I set the rule that if you need to spit, you must do it in the yard.  Not in the house, not in the car.  In the yard.  Call me crazy (you wouldn't be the first) but it seems to appease the boys and I don't have to discipline for spitting.  Most of the time anyway.) 
We were both expecting the normal answer of "in the yard".
Miles looks her straight in the eye and says "in Mason's seat". 
We both cracked up laughing!  We totally failed to correct him at that moment we were laughing too hard.

I have actually had several people ask me lately how I ever discipline Miles.  He has started this thing where when you start to get onto him, he tilts his head to the side, puts his hand under his chin and smiles at you.

(I know the pic is a bit blurry, but you get the idea!)

In other news, Max is officially mobile.  My days just got 19 times harder!!!!
I shot video of him last night and hope to get some pics to post today.

Have a great weekend!