Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ears, Ears, Moving, Growing, Grossness

There are weeks that just leave me amazed.  The last 7-10 days is just such a week!!!

Max:  In the last week (or so), he has learned to:

  • sit on his own (love this one - makes grocery shopping so much easier!), 
  • crawl,
  • pull to standing (somebody hold me!), 
  • cut his first tooth (just found that one this morning), 
  • had his 3rd ear infection (yes, really!) and 
  • started drinking juice out of a cup. 

Ready to take off across the room.....

Miles:  Miles had a follow-up at the ENT this morning. He pulled the second tube out of his ear.  Apparently when we were in to the ped last week, it was out of the eardrum, but still in his ear.  And, that is why Miles kept messing around with that ear.  The ENT asked me if I wanted the tube.  I hesitated and didn't know how to tell him that it totally disgusted me (and still does) without looking like a terrible mom.  So, he put it in a tissue and I took it.  Ugh!!!  Maybe I will clean it up and not be so grossed out.  It is bigger (longer) than I thought it would be.
He has an outer ear infection, so we have to do drops for 10 days and then go see him in 2 weeks for a(nother) follow-up appointment.  I really thought we might be done today.  But no, he wants to make sure all is healed up before he sends us on our merry way.  I think that he is also going to test his hearing that day.

I did ask the ENT about Max's ears and he said 4 infections in one year = need to see the ENT.  We go back to the ped 5/3 to make sure they are clear.  If not, we will make an appointment to see the ENT.  Miles goes back on 5/5, so maybe we can do them both at the same time. 

I have to take a minute and just take a deep breath to keep from laughing and crying about that last paragraph. 

OK, moving on.
I am going to purposely leave Mason out of this post because I have a really funny story about my favorite 5-year-old.  It really deserves its own post! :)

And, I realize I put "moving" in the title. Could freak some people out that we might have an offer on our house, but no.... it is all about Max moving, not us moving houses.  I wish it were the opposite (house moving and max not moving).  Admit it.... which did you think????