Friday, April 23, 2010

"I need a newspaper break"

When Mason was a babe ......

(and would happily take a bottle from anyone willing to feed him - ahem, Max - take notes!!!  And, some things never change as Mason tells me at least 16 times every day that he is hungry.  Sometimes as I am still cleaning up from a meal.  I will not be able to keep up in the teenage years!),

....... Eric would get up early with him and give him his first bottle of the day and read the Wall Street Journal to him.  He did that for months and months every morning. 

 (photos taken 06/25/05 - Mason was 5 months old)
We still get the WSJ and Tuesday, Mason came and found me changing Max's diaper and told me that he was going to take a newspaper break.

That is some serious newspaper reading!!

Not to be outdone, Miles decided to get in on the action and get caught up on current events as well.
Only the truly devoted WSJ reader highlights while reading.  You know, in case he needs to refer to an article later.

Yes, I took pictures.
Yes, I laughed.
Yes, I truly felt the need for evidence.
No, I really can't make this stuff up.  I am just NOT that creative!