Monday, April 27, 2009

IT'S A ......

IT'S A BOY!!!!
We are officially going to be a family of 5 -- 4 boys and momma.
I had my 18-week level-2 sono today and as Dr. R put it "the baby is perfect". At the end of the day, that is ALL that we can ask for. Truly, we are blessed. 3 healthy pregnancies, 3 healthy boys. Nothing else really matters.
BabyBoo's (still working on his M name...) heartrate was 142. He measured almost perfectly in line with my due date (2 days over). His head is big... big surprise. He weighs 10 oz (I was really hoping for a little more weight on the baby and less on my hips and rear!). All major organs are present and accounted for and look great. They even looked at his lip and could tell that there is no cleft palet. Amazing what they can see!
So, I am officially on the hunt for a new blog name. If you come up with something creative, leave a comment and I will check it out. On blogger, mythreesons and my3sons are taken already. Could have been cute!


So much happened last week.
Eric ran the Boston Marathon. He did AWESOME and finished in 3:20:03. Great time and he truly enjoyed the run (I still don't understand running that far, much less enjoying it, but to each his own, right?). He looked great at the end and that is all that mattered.
We spent 3 nights in Boston with our dear friends Matt and Keely. We walked. A lot! We ate. A lot! We slept late. Every day! I took a nap most days. Pure joy!!!
We then spent 2 nights at a fabulous little B&B on Martha's Vineyard. The weather was not totally cooperative on Tuesday, but we saw the beautiful beaches and enjoyed just getting to chill out a little while longer. The weather Wednesday (the day we left) was perfect. We got some great pics (will download those soon) and enjoyed our last partial day.
The boys missed us (especially Mason) but were great while we were gone for the grandparents.
It was such a nice trip away before BabyBoo joins the family in September.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So thankful

I just want to say that I am so thankful for my boys - all 3 of them: Eric, Mason and Miles. I am so thankful that even though Miles is always sick (or so it seems) and has been for the past two years, it is always minor and gets better.
My heart is so sad this morning. I follow several mom's blogs. I have never met these women, but their stories and their honesty makes me feel more normal most days. Like I am not the only one that struggles with the day-to-day of raising kids.
This little boy, Stellan, has been sick for almost 3 weeks. He has a heart condition that I do not even pretend to understand. He is most likely being moved to Boston next week (ironically, when we will be there for Eric's marathon) for an extremely risky heart surgery that is never done on kids his age. Scary? Yes.
This precious baby girl, Maddie, lives in California. She was born premature and has fought her entire life. Over the weekend, she started having trouble breathing. Scary, but happens often enough that they keep oxygen in the home to help her out. It usually works itself out. She passed away last night. Those big, blue eyes are almost haunting. Her personality is huge. My heart just hurts for her parents. I cannot imagine what happened and the hole that must be in their hearts.
And, one year ago yesterday, the Angie and Todd met their 4th baby girl Audrey and held her for 2 1/2 short hours before she went home to be with Jesus. She celebrated her first birthday yesterday in a big way in heaven, I am sure. The celebrations at home were probably a little more bittersweet.
So, today, I am thankful. I am thankful for my boys. I am thankful for Sweet BabyBoo growing in my tummy. I am thankful that God has allowed us this 3rd miracle. I am thankful that I can hug my babies and rock them to sleep at night. I am even thankful that they wake me up in the night. At least they can.
Hug your babies today. Spend extra time with them. Get on the floor and tickle them until you both cry. Play that game that you have been telling them "not right now" to. Thank God for your littlest blessings - may they be 1 or 12 or more. I know I will be.