Monday, April 27, 2009


So much happened last week.
Eric ran the Boston Marathon. He did AWESOME and finished in 3:20:03. Great time and he truly enjoyed the run (I still don't understand running that far, much less enjoying it, but to each his own, right?). He looked great at the end and that is all that mattered.
We spent 3 nights in Boston with our dear friends Matt and Keely. We walked. A lot! We ate. A lot! We slept late. Every day! I took a nap most days. Pure joy!!!
We then spent 2 nights at a fabulous little B&B on Martha's Vineyard. The weather was not totally cooperative on Tuesday, but we saw the beautiful beaches and enjoyed just getting to chill out a little while longer. The weather Wednesday (the day we left) was perfect. We got some great pics (will download those soon) and enjoyed our last partial day.
The boys missed us (especially Mason) but were great while we were gone for the grandparents.
It was such a nice trip away before BabyBoo joins the family in September.