Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm a dork!!!

Ok, I admit it. I am a dork. I cried at least 5 or 6 times today. It all started in the car this morning on the way to the grocery store before taking the boys to school.... I knew then it was going to be a very, very long day!

Why all the tears? Today was Mason and Miles' last day at mother's day out. I know what you might be thinking and no, I am not selfish enough that I cried about just that fact. It is their last day of MDO at Hillcrest Church. Mason is moving on to preschool next year at Grace Academy and while I am so excited about that fact, I am also sad that he is leaving the wonderful, loving care of the ladies at Hillcrest. All his teachers have been wonderful, loving, caring, amazing women of God. I will miss their influence on my children's lives. Miles is moving to a different MDO program so that he will be in school the same days as Mason (for Mommy's own sanity).

The other reason I am so sad today is that for the past three years that Mason has attended MDO, he has had the best classmate in his best-friend, Dylan Jo. They have been in the same class all 3 years. We had to fight and argue to make sure that happened, well, a few times, but they were and like their mommies, they would have it no other way. Dylan is Mason's safety-net and Mason is Dylan's safety-net. On those days that Mason doesn't want to go to school, all I have to say is "Dylan is going to be at school. Don't you want to play with Dylan?" and he changes his tune and looks for Dylan to play with. Next year, Mason and Dylan will be going to different schools. I can't even tell you how much it breaks my heart - on SO many levels. I want to preserve this precious first-friendship for forever for them. It is such a pure, honest, true friendship and I just pray that it stands even though they will make new friends at their new schools. I love the way each of their faces light up when they see each other. Even though they will at some point not like to play with each other due to "cooties" and other such boy-girl things, I want them to always love each other the way they do now. Dylan's mommy and I are just going to have to make sure that they spend quality time together.

This is one of the very first pictures I have of Mason and Dylan together - Easter 2005. I'll add one of the two of them today, their very last day of school together. Ever. I'll post very soon, I promise! (And, yes, I am crying again. I told you I am a dork.)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Our Sweet Boys

Starting a new every-Wednesday post..... the Wordless Wednesday. Enjoy!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

4 more days

4 more days until the boys and I leave for Chicago. I am excited on many levels ... getting to spend time with Kim and Emilyn (Ben is not unloved, he will be out of town for work), getting some time away from our house, time to focus on the boys..... all VERY important things. But, I will be honest..... there is one thing that outweighs all of these in my mind right now.

Dallas' forecast (from, which is several degrees cooler than local forecasts)
Wed 99
Th 98
Fri 97
Sat 100
Sun 101
Mon 99
Tue 99
Wed 97
Chicago's forecast (also from so we can compare apples-to-apples)
Wed 89
Th 88
Fri 90
Sat 95
Sun 95
Mon 88
Tue 82
Wed 81
Hmmmmmm....... up to 17 degrees cooler in the middle of our time away. Kim and Em, we love you but we are going to love the weather just a little bit more, I am afraid!
We're actually going to do Miles' first year pictures while we are there so we can do them outside without melting into a puddle of nothingness. It is just too hot to get them done here, at least not until he is closer to 18 months and that is just sad to me.
So, we have a very busy remainder of the week getting ready for the trip. I will be flying with both boys all by myself for the very first time. (In fact, I have never even flown alone with just one child... eekkkk!!) If you have any tips for getting 2 kids, a stroller, one carry-on and myself through security, that would be most helpful. Also, any suggestions on keeping Miles entertained on a small plane (American Eagle)? Mason will watch a movie on the portable DVD player, but Miles.... not sure how that one is going to turn out. Hopefully all the Sunday morning travelers will be more understanding than work-week travelers (Yes, I used to be one of those work-week business travelers and I hated being near "that family").

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I hesitated to write about this. I didn't want to "jinx" anything or speak too soon. For about the last 3-4 months, Miles stopped refluxing. We took him off his meds. Life was great (or at least spit-up free)!!!
Until last week.
Miles started spitting up.
Just a little.
I thought it was odd, but didn't really think much about it. Until last weekend hit. What I thought was a possible tummy bus is actually Miles' reflux back. In full force. As in losing full meals or bottles. (Yes, he still gets a bottle of milk at bedtime. This very well might be our last child, he enjoys his bottle, and I enjoy the time spent with him cuddling. I may never get this again. So, for now, the bottle stays. But, I digress........) It is not every feeding. It is not always a full feeding that he loses. It depends. It is inconsistent. It is reflux, not a tummy bug.
I am totally and completely sad. I am hoping that it is only from teething. Teething can cause a reflux flare-up. Or so I am told. He only has 4 teeth at almost 14 months old, so clearly we are due for some serious teething very soon. Just hoping it is a short phase. So, we go back on prevacid and I get to carry burp cloths and a change of clothes for both of us everywhere we go. I will again be stressing out when feeding him at a restaurant or at someone else's house of the mess that may be coming. I am sad to the point of tears. Sad for Miles that he has to endure this. Again. Sad for me (selfishly) that I am stressed about it again and for all the messes I see in our future. Just sad....

Monday, July 21, 2008

100 posts!

This is post #100 of my blog. That is pretty exciting. We are having a lazy morning at home. Miles is napping -- he was SO fussy when he got up this morning (screaming, arching his back and throwing his body around - not like him at all!). He finally settled into breakfast. Ate well. Started coughing. Threw up breakfast. Clothes changed. Face and hands wiped down. Back into bed. He is asleep and happy. He seemed to have a little bit of a tummy bug yesterday. He threw up several times yesterday morning and early afternoon. He ate mashed potatoes for dinner and did fine with those though. I thought we were past it this morning. Apparently not.

The boys and I are headed to Chicago in just 13 more days. Poor Daddy has to stay home and work. I am excited to get away from Dallas, the heat, our house....!!! And, excited for the boys and I to get to play with Cousin Emilyn! :) We just have to get everyone well...... could take the full 2 weeks!

Here are a few pics from the last few weeks to enjoy! Here are some fun things that we have done so far this summer.

Some things never change. Mason is still into trains! We have built and re-built more miles of track this summer, I should have a degree in track-building by now! :)

If you have not seen Miles in a while, he is finally getting more hair. And it is curly, curly, curly! I think that it is adorable and looks a little like, well, see for yourself.....

Miles is such a happy boy. He loves to play with his brother and is starting to get into Mason's toys more and more. He pushes cars, trucks and trains around the house now and is quickly becoming a "big boy"! We did have his ENT follow-up last week and his ears look great. Nothing really to report, so that is great. We'll go back in 3 months. We also had a GI follow-up and because of some bad reactions to cow's milk, he is going to stay on soy milk until 18 months old (end of November - Thanksgiving). Our doctor got paged to the ER right after he came in, so we will be talking to him again soon about more details of all this. Also, he is up to 24 pounds now. His 15 month well-baby check is at the end of August.

Mason went with Grandpa and Mimi on the Tarantula train, which runs from the Ft. Worth Stockyards to Grapevine and back. It is a vintage (read: un-airconditioned) train and very fun, especially for a certain 3-year-old boy that LOVES trains!

Miles loves to put things in his mouth these days. He knows better though, especially when we are outside. He will open his mouth, stick out his tongue and look at me to see if I am going to tell him "no, no, Miles". He usually still puts the item (rock, dirt, acorn) in his mouth anyway.... clearly, we are still working on obeying.

We also had to get Miles his own dump truck to push around the yard like big brother Mason. Having only one dump truck for two little (possessive, sometimes greedy) boys just doesn't cut it. So, off to Target mommy goes to buy another identical truck! :)

We spent a little time with Kim, Ben and Emilyn for Em's first birthday celebration. We swam, ate and had cake. I thought that this was a cute picture of Miles and Mommy.

Both boys also love to play the piano. I think that it is so cute to see them sitting on the bench together banging, I mean playing away.
Mason was coloring and Miles really wanted to be part of the fun. I just thought that this picture was so cute of him on his tip-toes. And, for the record, yes, Mason is fully potty-trained. This was taken when he had his, well, let's just say tummy bug and there was no containing the poop that day. So, to keep mommy sane and the carpets clean, he wore a pull-up. Yes, I felt like someone was going to see this and think, well, something negative about me or my child. I should not even worry about that, but clearly I do. Sorry. I'm working on mommy-guilt lately.

I did let Miles sit in the chair and color also. He thought that he was BIG TIME!!! About a second later, he stuck the crayons in his mouth and had two blue teeth. Which reminds me. Miles still only has 4 teeth. Is this odd to anyone else? The pediatrician and the ENT both have said "he has buds", meaning that the teeth are in there, just playing hide and seek for now. Thankfully, only having 4 teeth does not hinder his appetite!! Just notice those chubby thighs! He eats well (although it does not always stay down lately) and is open to trying and eating a ton of new foods.

OK, that is all for now. If you are still with me, congratulations for making it this far. I think that this is the longest post I have ever published! Keep checking back for more fun summer pics and tales of our tummy-woes!!! Leave me a comment if you are still reading. I know that this is mostly for me, but I would love to know who is reading and keeping up with our boys and family!! One more cute picture of Mason since the pictures are mostly of Miles. Miles will always smile at me, but Mason runs when he sees the camera, so I don't have many good ones of him.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Sorry I have not been posting more regularly. Things have been busy (especially with Mason sick) and I have had a terrible headache for the last few days. The weekend was busy, but mostly fun. Our niece Emilyn's first birthday party (at least her Texas birthday party) was on Saturday evening. Mason spent as much time as possible in the pool, as did mommy and daddy. Miles swam a little and then spent time entertaining everyone. Em was very cute but tired from her busy, busy weekend!
We did very little today. But, we have a very busy week ahead. I have not run or exercised at all in 2 weeks, so I plan to get to the gym several times. Monday: Y to run and park/picnic lunch. Tu: Y and Mason's swim lessons. Wed: Miles has an ENT follow-up and a GI follow-up appt. Hoping Mason can spend time with a certain cousin or friend so he does not have to be tortured through 2 appointments. Th: Attending a talk at the church on teaching toddlers/preschoolers about money. Should be interesting -- we have been trying to explain this to Mason, but not too successfully, I don't think. Fri: Y and library. Sat: Miles' 1-year pics and family pics. Should be interesting since Mason HATES having his pic taken.
We received Mason's packet from Grace Academy for the fall with his teacher and class list. He is in a class of 15 -- 8 boys, 7 girls. I am excited about that. He was the only boy in his MDO class last year for quite a while. It caused, well, issues. Problems. "Incident reports." Every mother's dream.......... LOL! :)
I'll post (or try really hard to post) throughout the week. But, definitely after the dr appts on Wednesday. Gotta run. It's late and momma is tired and still fighting a headache....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Still sick

Mason is still sick. I'll spare everyone the details, because they are not pretty. I thought things were better yesterday, but this is by far the worst day. No school for him tomorrow. So sad. Miles is doing well though, so he can still go. I am sure that he will enjoy getting out of the house. All 3 of us have cabin fever. Very serious cabin fever!!!
That's all today. Not much to post. Just very sad, bored and longing for some social interaction at the Kimball house!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Mason: 4, Miles: 2, Mommy: 1

We have had quite a crazy few days. The holidays were fun, overall. Mom had sinus surgery (ok, that part was not fun, especially for her) on Thursday, so I spent most of the day with her. I had to leave to get the boys from MDO, of course, but she got to go home at the same time (around 1:45). That evening, we went to the Addison airshow and fireworks. Mason had a great time. Miles stayed home with a sitter, so Mommy and Daddy got to have a great time as well. We didn't have to chase down anyone and Mason played so well with our neighbor, Chris. Friday, we went to Eric's parent's lake lot and their first annual 4th parade and BBQ lunch. We stayed after and let the boys play in the pool with Daddy and Grandpa. Miles came home with us and Mason went to Mimi and Grandpa's house. Saturday, Miles and Mommy slept in while Daddy did his weekly training run. We met up with Mason, Mimi and Grandpa in the afternoon in the Ft. Worth Stockyards. They took a ride on the Grapevine Vintage Railroad Tarantula Train ( and afterwards, we went to dinner downtown for Mimi's birthday. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIMI!!!)
Sunday was a quiet day. Today, well that is another story...... thus, the score (see the title). Those numbers are the number of times each person listed has had a bath/shower in the past 24 hours. Mason has a little tummy bug that is causing diarrhea (sorry... kinda gross). I am hoping we are past the worst of it, but still be cautious. Miles had a bath last night and spaghetti for dinner tonight. Enough said. Mason is supposed to have swim lessons tomorrow morning and that is his absolute favorite activity of all time. We're going to have to play it by ear to see if he can actually go. I'm hoping for the best.
Better run. I promise to update with some very, very cute pics soon!!!