Sunday, July 13, 2008


Sorry I have not been posting more regularly. Things have been busy (especially with Mason sick) and I have had a terrible headache for the last few days. The weekend was busy, but mostly fun. Our niece Emilyn's first birthday party (at least her Texas birthday party) was on Saturday evening. Mason spent as much time as possible in the pool, as did mommy and daddy. Miles swam a little and then spent time entertaining everyone. Em was very cute but tired from her busy, busy weekend!
We did very little today. But, we have a very busy week ahead. I have not run or exercised at all in 2 weeks, so I plan to get to the gym several times. Monday: Y to run and park/picnic lunch. Tu: Y and Mason's swim lessons. Wed: Miles has an ENT follow-up and a GI follow-up appt. Hoping Mason can spend time with a certain cousin or friend so he does not have to be tortured through 2 appointments. Th: Attending a talk at the church on teaching toddlers/preschoolers about money. Should be interesting -- we have been trying to explain this to Mason, but not too successfully, I don't think. Fri: Y and library. Sat: Miles' 1-year pics and family pics. Should be interesting since Mason HATES having his pic taken.
We received Mason's packet from Grace Academy for the fall with his teacher and class list. He is in a class of 15 -- 8 boys, 7 girls. I am excited about that. He was the only boy in his MDO class last year for quite a while. It caused, well, issues. Problems. "Incident reports." Every mother's dream.......... LOL! :)
I'll post (or try really hard to post) throughout the week. But, definitely after the dr appts on Wednesday. Gotta run. It's late and momma is tired and still fighting a headache....


Kendra K. said...


My name is Kendra Kimball too. And I thought I was unique! Oh well.