Tuesday, July 29, 2008

4 more days

4 more days until the boys and I leave for Chicago. I am excited on many levels ... getting to spend time with Kim and Emilyn (Ben is not unloved, he will be out of town for work), getting some time away from our house, time to focus on the boys..... all VERY important things. But, I will be honest..... there is one thing that outweighs all of these in my mind right now.

Dallas' forecast (from weather.com, which is several degrees cooler than local forecasts)
Wed 99
Th 98
Fri 97
Sat 100
Sun 101
Mon 99
Tue 99
Wed 97
Chicago's forecast (also from weather.com so we can compare apples-to-apples)
Wed 89
Th 88
Fri 90
Sat 95
Sun 95
Mon 88
Tue 82
Wed 81
Hmmmmmm....... up to 17 degrees cooler in the middle of our time away. Kim and Em, we love you but we are going to love the weather just a little bit more, I am afraid!
We're actually going to do Miles' first year pictures while we are there so we can do them outside without melting into a puddle of nothingness. It is just too hot to get them done here, at least not until he is closer to 18 months and that is just sad to me.
So, we have a very busy remainder of the week getting ready for the trip. I will be flying with both boys all by myself for the very first time. (In fact, I have never even flown alone with just one child... eekkkk!!) If you have any tips for getting 2 kids, a stroller, one carry-on and myself through security, that would be most helpful. Also, any suggestions on keeping Miles entertained on a small plane (American Eagle)? Mason will watch a movie on the portable DVD player, but Miles.... not sure how that one is going to turn out. Hopefully all the Sunday morning travelers will be more understanding than work-week travelers (Yes, I used to be one of those work-week business travelers and I hated being near "that family").