Saturday, February 27, 2010

Best. Song. EVER

Follow the link.....

An Ode to Chick-Fil-A

You'll be glad you did! :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Friday!

Mason is in school on Fridays and normally Miles has swim lessons (with mom in the pool too, not on his own).  Max sits patiently on the side of the pool. 
Unless he rolls in. 
Which only happens once or twice.

 JUST KIDDING!  (Don't panic!)
He is snuggled safely in someone's arms in the childcare at the Y. 

But, today swim was canceled due to the teacher being sick.
So, we had a sudden home-day.  Love love love those!

So, we watched a cartoon, played with play-doh, painted (a pic-ture with his pin-ger of a pig )  (Keely, that giggle is for you!) dinosaurs. 



Wait a minute.....did you see what I saw?
 In that picture up there.

Yes, Miles is cute and makes a really funny, squinty face every time he sees a camera.  Not that though.  Something else is.... off.

Hmmmm.... what could it be?
No way.

It is not possible.....

or is it????

Why, yes!  Yes it is.  Max has a bottle in his mouth and is NOT screaming!
I think that he *almost* looks like he is smiling even!
Now, I am not going to lie and say he really drank much of the bottle, but it is a step in the right direction.  He wanted it (to chew on). He drank a bit.  He didn't scream.  He almost smiled at me.
Makes a momma's heart so very very happy!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Project Life - week 7

You MUST check out this blog.  It is being written by the husband of one of the teachers at Mason's school.  The couple travel every summer (and other holidays off school like Spring Break) to Haiti.  As you can imagine, he is there now and the work to be done is huge!  I hear so much on the news about the needs and the work being done, but it is hard for me to really get a grasp on what needs to be done and how to go about getting it done.  Right now, he has a seismic (earthquake) engineer there inspecting individual's homes to see if they are safe to live in so that people can start getting out of tents.  Food distributions, physical care of the injured, care for those that are just traumatized.  So much to be done.  If you want to support them, there is a button on their blog.  The wife plans to go spend her Spring Break serving with him (assuming it is still safe to go) and they are saving money for her plane ticket now.

Ok, on to happier things.

If you are keeping track, I skipped last week's Project Life update.  Like the week of Mason's birthday, last week will be only pics of the snow (previously posted).  12" was record snowfall for Da11as, so it deserves a whole week! :)
This week's pics....
Sunday - 02/14 Digging out of the snow still.  Mason and Miles had a great time filling up their dump trucks with snow and moving it around the yard.

Monday - 2/15  Such a happy boy.  Maddox enjoys (quiet) Mondays at home with Mommy while his two big brothers are at preschool.

Tuesday - 2/16  There are few things sweeter than itty-bitty hands and feet.  They grow so fast, it takes my breath away!

Wednesday - 2/17  Miles has a(nother) follow-up appointment at the ENT.  This one is big.... the tube in his right ear is OUT!  It was put in on April 10, 2008 and it finally gone.  The left ear is starting to loosen, so hopefully only one more follow-up in 3 months!

Thursday 2/18  I try to capture the boys from different angles.  Maddox and Mason have the exact same shape heads and the same bumps in the same places.  Love my big-headed babies! :)

Friday 2/19 - Mason's school was canceled last week due to the record snowfall.  So, they had their Valentine's party today.  He is well loved and even received his first flower from a little girl (Josie) in his class!  Be still my heart!
(pic of valentines coming......)

Saturday- 2/20 We have a tradition of lunch at Chick-f1l-A on Daddy-day (aka Saturday).  The boys always choose to trade in their toy/book for an ice cream.  Can't say that I blame them!

Have a blessed week!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Update - B90Days

Today is day 53 in my 90 day Bible reading plan.  I am on day 52.  And I am totally Ok with that.

It is a 90 day plan, but the reading officially takes 88 days and there are 2 days at the end to catch-up.  I have decided to use one of my days and with that, I am right on target.  Life with 3 little boys, a house for sale, a  husband that works a lot, church commitments and my real work (laundry, cleaning, washing faces and hands, changing and washing diapers, fixing meals, cleaning up after meals, nursing the littlest boy that still refuses a bottle....whew!!!) is busy.  And I am exhausted.

Max has not been sleeping well.  Last night was the worst night we have had since Miles had the on-going ear infections as a babe.  Speaking of Miles and his ear infections, you may remember we had tubes put in his ears on April 10, 2008.  One is now out and one is still in but starting to move a bit.  We expect it to be out by the time he turns 3 in May.  I had no idea they would stay in so long.  But, he has been amazingly healthy since then, so NO complaints here!

Back to the Bible reading..... I have completed reading through Isaiah 52.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the reading so far.  But, I have not fully understood Isaiah.  I think that this is definitely one book that I will be reading again starting in April and will probably need a study to help me understand more of what is going on in this book.

Mason received his first flower on Valentines Day.  From a girl at his school.  Be still my heart.  I love love love that he is growing up but I just can't handle another girl stealing his sweet, kind, compassionate, big heart away from momma!

Max played with his bottle tonight.  Normally he pushes it away or cries when it gets near him.  Tonight, he actually played with it a while and even chewed on it a bit.  We are starting to make some progress here!  Yea!!!

Yes, this is all over the place.  I am exhausted and still have to get 2 of 3 boys to bed.  Night-night time can't come soon enough tonight.  Up tomorrow is an update of my Project Life album.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


“The button came off of my pants at school!  That’s just ridiculous and my mommy does not have a sewer.”
Mason said this to my mom the other day.  And, a sewer is a sewing machine. :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So far.....

So far this morning, I have (note: started this post before 9am....)

  • made 3 beds
  • changed 2 3 diapers
  • fed the babe (technically twice since he was up at 3am)
  • swept 2 rooms, one of them twice 3 times
  • made coffee
  • drank coffee but have not eaten
  • checked e-mail
  • put two contacts in 1 eye and none in the other
  • spent 10 minutes complaining that my eyes hurt and that I couldn't see right
  • fixed contacts and felt stupid
  • had a pity party about my sleep deprivation
  • remembered that i would miss these days (are you really sure???)
  • snuggled max a few minutes just in case i do miss these days
  • kissed miles
  • told mason i love him
  • checked for any new house listings
still need to:
  • dress 3 boys
  • dress myself
  • add diapers to the diaper bag
  • wash cloth diapers
  • pick up toys and dirty clothes
  • do several loads of laundry (big surprise, i know)
  • think about dinner
  • do Bible reading
  • start thank you notes from Mason's birthday
  • nap.... hopefully
I know there is more, but I can't even think about getting anything else done today.
(note: finally finished at 10:20am.)

Edited to add:  HAPPY 5 month BIRTHDAY sweet Maddox Ethan!
We love you and I cannot imagine my life and our house without you in it.  Your smile lights up the house and my heart.  I love to watch you watching your brothers.  You are so strong and will be sitting up before we know it.  You like rice cereal and applesauce, peaches, prunes (yes, really!) and sweet potatoes.  You hate green beans and squash.  You refuse to drink from a cup still and let's not even talk about a bottle.  (Which means that I have done every feeding, night and day, for 5 long months.  Not that I am counting.  Nor will I remind you of this fact when you are 5, 12 and at the rehearsal dinner of your wedding.)  You are happily in size 3-6 months clothes and size 2 disposable diapers (at night).  You look for your mommy more than the other two boys did.  You squeal with delight at your brothers, your toys and your daddy.  You do not consistently sleep through the night, but we also have not actively worked on making you.  You are starting to nap without a swaddle and without your sleep positioner.  You are growing far too fast for my heart to take.  I love you more than life itself sweet peanut!
Baby push-ups

Monday, February 15, 2010


It has been a long, cold week around here.  The boys have not been able to get out of the house and play.  Or run off their insane amounts of energy.  There have been many attempts to go out, play at different public play areas (McD's, chick-f1l-a, occasionally even the park).  Usually, we don't make it very long.  Behavior and obedience have gone down with the temps.

We are all a bit punchy.

I have not had a day without the two big boys in several weeks.  A few weeks ago, Mason was off on Friday for parent-teacher conferences.  Last week, school was cancelled for weather on Friday.  Today was President's Day.

And, we have been keeping the house spotless neat in case someone comes to see it.  Tough to do with 3 littles and a wee-bit stressful for the momma.  I have never been consistent about making the boys beds.  I tend to do a toy-sweep twice a day - at naps and at bedtime, but find myself constantly picking up toys, clothes, books, food, cups.... just in case someone calls.  It is exhausting.  I don't think that our house has ever looked better.  I also have no reason to go to the gym.  All this work is a workout in itself.

There have been some things said (repetitively) that I feel the need to blog.  Just so I remember them in a few years.  You know, in a few years when everyone tells me I will look back and miss these days.....
me: "No spitting in the house."
me:  "If you need to spit, go outside."
me:  "Because I said so!"
me:  "No jumping on the bed!"
me:  "Why are you naked?" or "Where are your clothes???"
me:  "M, put on your underware."  (Just using "M" here so as to not implicate the guilty boy.)
Mason: "Can we go outside?"  (over and over and over and over)
me:  "This is why we can't have nice things!"
me:  "How can you be hungry? You just ate!"

I am also half-way through my 90 days challenge to read the Bible all the way through.  I have stayed caught-up for the most part.  There are days that I do not fully finish my reading but I almost always catch-up within a day or two.  Getting the house on the market and Mason's birthday/Max's dedication all in the same week put me behind.  But, I worked really hard and got back on track.  Last week, I got about a day behind again.  Life just got busy (see above about keeping the house clean).  So, as of right now, I am working through Saturday's reading.  (I am on Psalm 126 to be exact.)  I plan to finish Saturday and hopefully most of Sunday's tonight.
Tuesday: the remainder of Sunday's and all of Monday's. 
Wednesday:  Tuesday and half of Wednesday
Thursday: remainder of Wednesday and Thursday
(this schedule is mostly for my own reference.  i like a checklist).
The other thing about this plan is that the actual reading takes 88 days.  There are 2 "grace" days at the end.  So, if I just cannot get caught up and am 1 day behind, that is ok. It still gets me finished in time.

The first half of this plan has been awesome.  I have been immersed in God's word (almost) daily.  I have truly enjoyed reading the Bible like a novel - in huge chunks rather than my usual 1-2 chapters.  I understand more of what happened and am putting pieces together.  I read all of Esther in one sitting.  That story is awesome and Esther was one brave, smart, dedicated lady.  The psalms are interesting.  Some are uplifting, some sorrowful, some pleading and some adoring God.  All are beautiful.  Numbers was tough.  Deuteronomy was interesting.
My goal in the second half (other than to stay on top of my reading and not get behind) is to find a set time each day that is my study time.  I think that is why I fall behind so often - I do not have a set time.  I read as I can through the day.  Some days, I honestly do not sit down until the boys are in bed at night, so many 9pm.  At that point, I have no energy left and cannot focus on the words.  Max is not consistently sleeping through the night, so getting up early in the mornings is beyond challenging still.  Because of the inconsistent sleep, I take their nap time to take a nap too many days.  It is really the only way I am making it through the chaos of having 3 little boys under the age of 4 5.  (Keep forgetting that Mason had a birthday.)
The goal of finding a set time to do a study is so that starting in April, I will not go back to business as usual and become horribly inconsistent in my study of God's word.  There are many passages I would like to read again, in greater depth, and really think about.  I would love to do a study of Esther.  I am sure other passages will inspire me in the next 45 days as well.  What is your favorite book or passage in the Bible?

And, just because I can't end a post without a single picture of my three beauties.....which big brother does Max look like most these days.... big brother Mason or middle brother Miles????

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Aftermath

Just a few hours after taking the pics in the previous post, this is what the yard looked like.... wet but much more normal.  Trees are standing up straight rather than bent in half.

This is what the backyard looked like just a few weeks ago... again.

Eric thought it would be funny to make a lady snowman (snowlady?) complete with boobs.  Yeah, if you look close you can see her in that pic above.  (FYI, you can click on any pic to make it larger.) Boys....!

The aftermath of the storms is not only evident in our yard, it is also evident inside.
Trains and train tracks in the entryway.
More trains, cars, tools, tractors, an RV and ride-ons all in the living room.

Apparently something needed to be fixed in the boy's closet.  Maybe the train table.  Not sure why they couldn't keep the trains in their room on the train table instead of bringing them all out to the entry and living room.
I stepped outside a bit ago to take the updated pictures and it almost seems like it is raining.  The snow is constantly falling out of the trees (as snow and water) sounding like rain.  It is almost dangerous to stand under the trees as some is falling out as ice in huge chunks. Branches are swaying around and bouncing around as it falls.  It is a bit eerie.  The boys really want to get out and play in the snow again before it melts, but they would be soaking wet if they went out right now. 
I have been fighting a headache all day, so I am going to take a nap while the boys (all 3!!!) are asleep. :)


Over 12" of snow here.  It is the largest snowfall Dallas has ever seen in a 24 hour period.  Crazy!!
The area we live in has huge, old trees.  They are beautiful and provide a lot of protection from the hot summer sun.  However, apparently they do not mix well with snow and ice.

The limb on this tree was touching the walk to our house.  Our neighbor's tree limbs were also touching the street.

The view down our street to the west.

Miles tromping through the snow in the street.  It was up to his knees.

Mason in front of our neighbor's house.  The don't have any trees on this side of their yard, so it was easy to see the 12" of snow.

Mommy and Max.  (Yes, Nana, he had on a coat, a blanket, a hat, warm socks and warm PJs. No, he was not out long. :) )

Our house.  Just a few limbs down.  Looks beautiful!!

This one is for our neighbor that is out of town.  They lost some HUGE limbs and their power was been out since midnight.  We are lucky to still have power, it seems!

Our backyard and driveway.  Normally the crepe myrtles behind the fence are significantly taller than the power lines.  Only a few limbs lost back there.

And just because I couldn't resist those beautiful blue eyes....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

unexpected snow!!!

Daddy and Miles built a snowman before school this morning.  Mason just enjoyed running in the snow so no pics of him.  Max was not sure what to think of it all.
It is noon and still snowing so hard!  I am sure tomorrow will be bad (on the roads at least) but it is fun and so beautiful today.  Mason has swim lessons (indoor, heated worries!) in a bit and then we pick up Miles at 2:30. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Project Life - week 5

Can't believe I have not posted since last Wednesday.
Well, here are this week's Project Life pics.
1/31 - We put our house on the market today.  I love this house and have brought all 3 of our babies home here.  I am anxious to see what God has in store for our family next.

2/1 - Grandpa and Miles love to watch movies together.

2/2 - No teeth yet, but Max sure does love to chew on his fingers!  Plus, look at those sweet baby fat rolls!
2/3 -Sweet boy just started rolling onto his tummy and loves to play this way now.  He is such a joy!
2/4 - Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog!  Doing the Mouska-Dance!
2/5 - Nosam or Mason?  Mason put his name on this visor. He was so proud!  But I just don't know what to think.
2/6 -Mason loves puzzles.  I am so proud of him for doing this 50-piece puzzle all by himself.  He didn't even look at the picture, he just figured it out as he went.  Such a smart boy!!!

Also, I missed doing this yesterday.... I am up to date on my Bible reading.  I am 39 days into 2010 and 30 days into the Bible.  I completed Psalm 24 last night.  In just a few more days, I will be halfway through the Bible.  WOW!  I have learned that weekends are the hardest time for me to get my reading completed, so I am going to try to get a little ahead at the end of each week so that I am not playing catch up on each Monday and maybe Tuesday.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Nennie, my sweet 88-year-old Grandmother and Max
Aunt Tara and the birthday boy

Crazy, wonderful Miles... in his "dirt shirt"
My boys.  Please don't grow up too fast.  This momma's heart can't take it!!!
(Yes, I stink at the "wordless" part of wordless wednesday.  Shoot me.)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Project Life - week 4

I decided to do something a bit different this week for Project Life.  In honor of Mason's birthday (and because the week was SO crazy that I forgot to take pics most days.... shhhh!), this week is all about him and his 5th birthday!
Also this week, we also dedicated Miles' life to the Lord so there is a picture of that included as well..
Monday, Jan 25 - Mason celebrated his birthday by taking cupcakes for his classmates.

Tuesday, January 26 - Mason turns 5. At his request, we have cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  We put a candle in his and sang Happy Birthday to him for the first time today!  We had dinner and play time at Chick-Fil-A. 

Sat, Jan 30 - Party time! He wanted a construction theme and I found this shirt for him. It says "I dig being 5"

Construction hats, tool belts, toy hammers, tractor stickers - all the kids enjoyed their favors throughout the party
What's a party without cake???  By the time we had dinner and were ready to have cake, the tractors had been moved around the cake a bit!

One tired boy after a fun-filled party with lots of family and friends.

Maddox's dedication to the Lord.  Since we attend a large church, they encourage us to do our baby dedications in our homes with our community around it.  I love doing it this way as it is so personal and we are able to include the scriptures we wanted and have several family members participate.