Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So far.....

So far this morning, I have (note: started this post before 9am....)

  • made 3 beds
  • changed 2 3 diapers
  • fed the babe (technically twice since he was up at 3am)
  • swept 2 rooms, one of them twice 3 times
  • made coffee
  • drank coffee but have not eaten
  • checked e-mail
  • put two contacts in 1 eye and none in the other
  • spent 10 minutes complaining that my eyes hurt and that I couldn't see right
  • fixed contacts and felt stupid
  • had a pity party about my sleep deprivation
  • remembered that i would miss these days (are you really sure???)
  • snuggled max a few minutes just in case i do miss these days
  • kissed miles
  • told mason i love him
  • checked for any new house listings
still need to:
  • dress 3 boys
  • dress myself
  • add diapers to the diaper bag
  • wash cloth diapers
  • pick up toys and dirty clothes
  • do several loads of laundry (big surprise, i know)
  • think about dinner
  • do Bible reading
  • start thank you notes from Mason's birthday
  • nap.... hopefully
I know there is more, but I can't even think about getting anything else done today.
(note: finally finished at 10:20am.)

Edited to add:  HAPPY 5 month BIRTHDAY sweet Maddox Ethan!
We love you and I cannot imagine my life and our house without you in it.  Your smile lights up the house and my heart.  I love to watch you watching your brothers.  You are so strong and will be sitting up before we know it.  You like rice cereal and applesauce, peaches, prunes (yes, really!) and sweet potatoes.  You hate green beans and squash.  You refuse to drink from a cup still and let's not even talk about a bottle.  (Which means that I have done every feeding, night and day, for 5 long months.  Not that I am counting.  Nor will I remind you of this fact when you are 5, 12 and at the rehearsal dinner of your wedding.)  You are happily in size 3-6 months clothes and size 2 disposable diapers (at night).  You look for your mommy more than the other two boys did.  You squeal with delight at your brothers, your toys and your daddy.  You do not consistently sleep through the night, but we also have not actively worked on making you.  You are starting to nap without a swaddle and without your sleep positioner.  You are growing far too fast for my heart to take.  I love you more than life itself sweet peanut!
Baby push-ups