Friday, February 12, 2010


Over 12" of snow here.  It is the largest snowfall Dallas has ever seen in a 24 hour period.  Crazy!!
The area we live in has huge, old trees.  They are beautiful and provide a lot of protection from the hot summer sun.  However, apparently they do not mix well with snow and ice.

The limb on this tree was touching the walk to our house.  Our neighbor's tree limbs were also touching the street.

The view down our street to the west.

Miles tromping through the snow in the street.  It was up to his knees.

Mason in front of our neighbor's house.  The don't have any trees on this side of their yard, so it was easy to see the 12" of snow.

Mommy and Max.  (Yes, Nana, he had on a coat, a blanket, a hat, warm socks and warm PJs. No, he was not out long. :) )

Our house.  Just a few limbs down.  Looks beautiful!!

This one is for our neighbor that is out of town.  They lost some HUGE limbs and their power was been out since midnight.  We are lucky to still have power, it seems!

Our backyard and driveway.  Normally the crepe myrtles behind the fence are significantly taller than the power lines.  Only a few limbs lost back there.

And just because I couldn't resist those beautiful blue eyes....


Wendy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway. I have enjoyed checking out your blog. We both have 3 boys.

Your life sounds even more exhausting than mine, though. I couldn't imagine trying to keep the house picked up for the off-chance of a real-estate visit when little boys are actively growing. Little boys growing is just messy business.

Love this photo of your son. Yes, he does have beautiful eyes. Quite handsome sons you've got there.