Monday, February 15, 2010


It has been a long, cold week around here.  The boys have not been able to get out of the house and play.  Or run off their insane amounts of energy.  There have been many attempts to go out, play at different public play areas (McD's, chick-f1l-a, occasionally even the park).  Usually, we don't make it very long.  Behavior and obedience have gone down with the temps.

We are all a bit punchy.

I have not had a day without the two big boys in several weeks.  A few weeks ago, Mason was off on Friday for parent-teacher conferences.  Last week, school was cancelled for weather on Friday.  Today was President's Day.

And, we have been keeping the house spotless neat in case someone comes to see it.  Tough to do with 3 littles and a wee-bit stressful for the momma.  I have never been consistent about making the boys beds.  I tend to do a toy-sweep twice a day - at naps and at bedtime, but find myself constantly picking up toys, clothes, books, food, cups.... just in case someone calls.  It is exhausting.  I don't think that our house has ever looked better.  I also have no reason to go to the gym.  All this work is a workout in itself.

There have been some things said (repetitively) that I feel the need to blog.  Just so I remember them in a few years.  You know, in a few years when everyone tells me I will look back and miss these days.....
me: "No spitting in the house."
me:  "If you need to spit, go outside."
me:  "Because I said so!"
me:  "No jumping on the bed!"
me:  "Why are you naked?" or "Where are your clothes???"
me:  "M, put on your underware."  (Just using "M" here so as to not implicate the guilty boy.)
Mason: "Can we go outside?"  (over and over and over and over)
me:  "This is why we can't have nice things!"
me:  "How can you be hungry? You just ate!"

I am also half-way through my 90 days challenge to read the Bible all the way through.  I have stayed caught-up for the most part.  There are days that I do not fully finish my reading but I almost always catch-up within a day or two.  Getting the house on the market and Mason's birthday/Max's dedication all in the same week put me behind.  But, I worked really hard and got back on track.  Last week, I got about a day behind again.  Life just got busy (see above about keeping the house clean).  So, as of right now, I am working through Saturday's reading.  (I am on Psalm 126 to be exact.)  I plan to finish Saturday and hopefully most of Sunday's tonight.
Tuesday: the remainder of Sunday's and all of Monday's. 
Wednesday:  Tuesday and half of Wednesday
Thursday: remainder of Wednesday and Thursday
(this schedule is mostly for my own reference.  i like a checklist).
The other thing about this plan is that the actual reading takes 88 days.  There are 2 "grace" days at the end.  So, if I just cannot get caught up and am 1 day behind, that is ok. It still gets me finished in time.

The first half of this plan has been awesome.  I have been immersed in God's word (almost) daily.  I have truly enjoyed reading the Bible like a novel - in huge chunks rather than my usual 1-2 chapters.  I understand more of what happened and am putting pieces together.  I read all of Esther in one sitting.  That story is awesome and Esther was one brave, smart, dedicated lady.  The psalms are interesting.  Some are uplifting, some sorrowful, some pleading and some adoring God.  All are beautiful.  Numbers was tough.  Deuteronomy was interesting.
My goal in the second half (other than to stay on top of my reading and not get behind) is to find a set time each day that is my study time.  I think that is why I fall behind so often - I do not have a set time.  I read as I can through the day.  Some days, I honestly do not sit down until the boys are in bed at night, so many 9pm.  At that point, I have no energy left and cannot focus on the words.  Max is not consistently sleeping through the night, so getting up early in the mornings is beyond challenging still.  Because of the inconsistent sleep, I take their nap time to take a nap too many days.  It is really the only way I am making it through the chaos of having 3 little boys under the age of 4 5.  (Keep forgetting that Mason had a birthday.)
The goal of finding a set time to do a study is so that starting in April, I will not go back to business as usual and become horribly inconsistent in my study of God's word.  There are many passages I would like to read again, in greater depth, and really think about.  I would love to do a study of Esther.  I am sure other passages will inspire me in the next 45 days as well.  What is your favorite book or passage in the Bible?

And, just because I can't end a post without a single picture of my three beauties.....which big brother does Max look like most these days.... big brother Mason or middle brother Miles????


Amy@ MomsToolbox said...

Those kiddos are so stinkin' CUTE!!!!!
I am very excited for your Bible reading and glad that you are doing so well.
Keep it up... we're almost there. :)

Yours hopefully thriving said...

Thanks for stopping by with me Kendra, the encouragement means a lot.

Well done you for keeping up with it all - I just never got the hang of the 12 pages a day but I'm so glad it's got me into reading more consistently.

It's defintiely easier for me to read if I do so in more or less the same time slots (I'd get a lot moire done if I ever stuck to my schedule but here's hoping) so I wish you all the best for that plan. If it helps at all I usually get my first chapter of the morning read as the little baby I childmind plays at my feet, I read it aloud and he loves to listen as he plays - maybe you could try that with your way-too-cute littley. All the best.