Friday, September 26, 2008

Shhhhh..... don't tell Eric

Despite my last post about Miles cutting teeth and being a bear..... well, I have baby fever. I know, I know .... what am I thinking? I know our house is too small for another kid. I know that I have my hands full with two VERY active boys. They are into everything and demand SO much attention right now.
Three friends have had babies this week and they are all so yummy! One more is scheduled to deliver early next week. I received two other baby shower invites this week and buying tiny clothes and cute shoes and fun baby toys, well, it just pulls on a girl's uterus, uh, heart. :)
I should just take a deep breath and NOT smell all the sweet babies sweet new little heads. But they are pretty sweet..... :)
Shhhhhhh..... don't tell Eric I said all that! :)

Wed - 2 mi - 21:00 - had 0.5 mi at 9:15 pace
Thu - 3 mi - 32:00 - just trying to get used to mileage again
tomorrow (or Sunday) - first long run of 4 miles

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Miles - cutting teeth

Miles is a bear today.
I got a good look in his mouth this morning and he actually looks like he is cutting all 4 molars (one on top is actually partially cut through the gum). This is only weird because he only has 5 teeth so far - 3 on top and only 2 on bottom. So, I am not sure if the other 3 (1 top and 2 bottom) are also cutting/moving in addition to the molars, but they all look red and swollen.
Yesterday evening and all night last night, he ran fever (ranging from 101-102). Today has been lower, but still some fever. And, all he has done is scream. All day. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, is making him happy. How many hours until bedtime (his and mine!)????
PS....ran 3 miles yesterday in 33:00. That actually was my goal pace (yes, it was slow) since I am still healing my heel. Will run again tomorrow - 2 miles per my training schedule.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Going on a run

Today marks the official start to my half-marathon training. I have to run 3 miles. Heading out now to get the torture finished...... :) I expect a very (very) slow time.
PS..... Nennie had her knee replacement surgery this morning and is out and doing well so far. Such a blessing and answered prayer!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Today has been such a MONDAY!!!
Woke up at 2:45 am and listened to Miles cough for .... a few hours. Held him a while so he would be upright. Helped as long as he was upright. Hope tonight is better.
Took my grandmother to the hospital for her pre-op testing (she is having a knee replacement next Monday) and admitting. Proved to be frustrating..... long story! As part of her pre-op procedure, I had to take her to radiology to have a chest x-ray done. When we walked into radiology, I quickly had a flash back. I remembered that this was the same place I had carried Miles to for a chest x-ray the night we rushed to emergency after his seizure. She was taken into the same x-ray room and I waited in the same area where I waited in fear that night as I held my baby and wondered if he was going to be ok. It brought such overwhelming anxiety and wonder if he would have another. I don't live in the fear of another, but my thoughts do go there when he feels warm. I take his temperature more times that I would probably be comfortable admitting. This verse has come to mind several times today:
Psalm 55: 1-2, 5, 22
Listen to my prayer, O God, do not ignore my plea;
2 hear me and answer me. My thoughts trouble me and I am distraught
5 Fear and trembling have beset me; horror has overwhelmed me.
22 Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall.

Such an amazing reminder that he is ok with the fact that we worry. He is ok that we are scared. He made us with those emotions. He also tells us to give it to Him. He will never let the righteous fall. Wow! That is an amazing truth. An amazing gift. Lets me breathe a sigh of relief. Father, I give Miles and his health and his precious life to you. Please protect him and give him continued good health. Thank you for taking my anxiety and my fears and replacing them with your peace.

On my way home from Mesquite, the ABS, VSA and Brake lights on my car came on. Called the dealer/service dept. His response: "Well........that doesn't sound good. Probably should bring it in." Really? Thanks - that was most helpful. So, after Eric gets home tomorrow night, we will be dropping it to the dealer Wednesday morning and will be sharing a car, well, for an undetermined amount of time. Great. Joy. What else?????

Happy news: I did my first run in over a month. And, thanks to Ike, the weather is cool enough in Dallas to run outside. Yippee!!! So, I ran 2.3 miles in about 30 minutes. I walked a while at the start to get warmed up. It was SO nice. I might try to do it again tomorrow, but will have to have the boys in the stroller. We'll see how that goes.....! So, half-marathon training is officially back on. YEA!!!!! 13 weeks until my run - the White Rock Marathon (I'm doing the half only!) on December 14th. That is just 2 days before Eric and I celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. Where did 8 years possibly go????
Also, Mason is on a soccer team - the Kicks - through the YMCA. His first practice is this afternoon at 5pm and his first game is Saturday at 9am. It was supposed to be last Saturday, but all games were cancelled due to Ike/rain. So, I am adding to my list of titles - now, Soccer Mom. :) I'll be posting plenty of pics of him playing.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


This morning, Steven Curtis Chapman was on the The Early Show and talked about his daughter, Maria, that was killed in the family's driveway in May, just after she turned 5 years old. He wrote the song "Cinderella" just a while before then for his 4 girls, 3 of which are adopted. His story and the family's testimony and hope in Christ is an amazing example for every Christian out there.
He was also interviewed by Dr. James Dobson and it aired in August. I can't imagine losing a child. I would like to think that my faith would remain strong, but I think that the reality would be that I would be so angry with God. I know that as I processed through Miles' seizure and the reflux problems and months of ear infections, I was angry with God that he allowed him to be sick and didn't heal him immediately. I was angry as I held Miles in the middle of the night and listened to him cry out in pain for hours. He was so little to have such discomfort. I know that things could have been much, much worse, but I also knew that they could be much, much better. It was a long first year for Miles. And for our whole family. But, we still have Miles and we get to enjoy his smiles and his silliness. We get to watch him grow and learn and bring joy to our lives every day. The Chapmans don't get to see their Maria again. At least not until heaven. I have had to ask for forgiveness for my anger and my questions. I thank God for both of my beautiful children. I may never have my own "Cinderella" and I am coming to terms with that. But, I do have two amazing blessings chosen for me and Eric by God himself. That's enough for me.
Psa 127:3 (The Message)
Don't you see that children are God's best gift?
the fruit of the womb his generous legacy?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Meet Emily

This is Emily...

Mason seems to have a new crush.

I can see myself in 10+ years (better be closer to 15-20 years!!!) posting this exact same post but it would be a girl named Emily. A real girl. And Mason will be looking at her with the same love and admiration in his eyes. :)

I've been replaced. Already..... :(

Google search

With the site meter I added, I can see how people found my blog. One person did a google search for "hillcrest chuch dallas mdo" - makes sense since Mason attended their MDO for 3 years. One person googled "be patient be patient don't be in such a hurry" song and found my blog. TOO FUNNY!! Remember this post........? doesn't seem like much has changed in almost a year. Miles stills screams when sitting in his high chair waiting to eat. Mason is still also very impatient, but is now an impatient 3 1/2 year old that goes into the pantry or refrigerator to get what he wants (and usually makes a huge mess in the process). Interesting to see how things will look in another year. If only I had a crystal ball...... :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Who is this big boy and where did my baby go????
Seeing him looking so big makes me want another baby to hold.........
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Over a week!

I cannot believe it has been over a week since I posted. We are all doing well. Miles cut tooth #5 - finally! He is working on #6 now and is SO fussy! He is congested and has a runny nose. He doesn't want to be held, but put him down and he will fuss about that too! Mason is doing better adjusting to school. He seems to enjoy it and is learning so many new things. Eric has been working a lot and had a very successful presentation this morning in NYC. Can't wait until he is home with us tomorrow! The boys miss him so much. So does mommy.
Nothing else really to report. We're just staying busy and enjoying the rain today. Oh, and the cooler weather is GREAT!

Monday, September 1, 2008


Mason and I just bought the boys Halloween costumes.....

Mason is going to be:

and Miles is going to be:

Ok, so Mason picked green, but I just realized that the green M&M is a girl (look at the eyelashes). He really insisted on green though, not blue. Is that bad? Did anyone else notice that? Should I change the order???? I need comments and advice on this one!!!