Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Miles - cutting teeth

Miles is a bear today.
I got a good look in his mouth this morning and he actually looks like he is cutting all 4 molars (one on top is actually partially cut through the gum). This is only weird because he only has 5 teeth so far - 3 on top and only 2 on bottom. So, I am not sure if the other 3 (1 top and 2 bottom) are also cutting/moving in addition to the molars, but they all look red and swollen.
Yesterday evening and all night last night, he ran fever (ranging from 101-102). Today has been lower, but still some fever. And, all he has done is scream. All day. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, is making him happy. How many hours until bedtime (his and mine!)????
PS....ran 3 miles yesterday in 33:00. That actually was my goal pace (yes, it was slow) since I am still healing my heel. Will run again tomorrow - 2 miles per my training schedule.