Thursday, September 27, 2007

4 months old!

Yesterday, Miles turned 4 months old. I can hardly believe we are 1/3 of the way through his first year! I took some cute pics of Miles and Mason together. And, Eric took some pics of me feeding Miles his first bites of cereal. He would grab my hand and shove the spoon into his mouth. So cute! Enjoy!

Today was Miles well-baby check-up. He weighs 15 lbs, 1 oz (50%) and is 26 1/2" long (95%!!!). He is healthy in most every way and right on track with his growth. The ongoing constipation is a concern. We are going to start him on cereal and add in apples, pears and prunes to see if the bulkier foods, in addition to his daily dose of milk of magnesia, get him going daily. If he is not going daily in 1-2 more weeks (we have been doing this since he was 5-6 weeks old), he is going to refer us to a GI specialist. It is a little scary but also a relief that we might see a specialist and make sure that everything really is fine.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

On Friday, the boys and I met Keely and Dylan at the Dallas zoo for a fun morning out of the house. The boys and Dylan had a blast and were totally worn out when we headed home. We saw a lion, giraffe, elephant, fish, turtles (by far the turtles were Mason's favorites), penguins... so many animals. We made lots of animal sounds, played on the playground, had lunch, played in the water and rode the merry-go-round. So fun! Enjoy the pics!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Things I love

1) Every morning when Mason gets up he tells me "Macey good nap" . ("Mason had a good nap.") I love that. It is so precious and innocent.
2) When Miles wakes up, he is so happy. I take him out of his swaddling blanket and he smiles and stretches and stretches and stretches. Legs, arms, chest. He also usually toots and even that is cute.
3) Miles loves to watch Mason. He has his first "man-crush" and it is on his big brother. I love that Miles already idolizes Mason. At the same time, I am afraid of all the things (trouble, messes) they are going to get into together.
4) I love watching Eric interact with Mason and Miles. Mason and Daddy are buddies. Mason wants to be like his Daddy. Daddy imitates Mason and becomes a big kid again. The suit and tie come off and he is not "professional/attorney" anymore, he is a loving daddy. With Miles he is sweet and tender and playful. It makes my heart smile.
5) God has blessed us with wonderful family that is nearby. I know that I can call on any number of people and they would not only watch my boys on a moment's notice, but M&M would be loved and cared for. I love that security and safety net.
6) God has also blessed us with amazing friends that are more extended family than just friends. They too support us, encourage us, cheer us, and help us when we need it. I feel so unworthy of such blessings in life.
7) Mason is at school (mother's day out). Miles is sleeping. The house is quiet. Enough said! :)

I hope everyone has a blessed day. Drop me a line and let me know you are reading our blog. I love hearing from you. Here is a verse for today....
Psalm 118:29 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Potty training and exersaucers

I know, this is my second post in a day. But, I thought of more things to share.

Mason is doing great with his potty training! We have the occasional accident, but I think that we are at the point where I can say why yes, he is potty trained, and feel confident that he will not make me out to be a big fat liar! I have learned many things through the process and the top two items on the list are 1) do not buy pull-ups. They greatly prolong the process. And 2) they will be potty-trained when they are ready. Not a moment before. One day they will know what to do but refuse and the next they just decide to use the potty like a big kid. They obviously have to be taught what to do, but they will do it when they are ready. I have seen this in several kids and while for some it is quick and easy, for others (like us) it was a long and difficult journey. But, he is doing great and I choose to celebrate that fact!

Miles is having a big day as well. He played in the exersaucer for the very first time. He seemed like he really enjoyed it and he immediately started grabbing for toys. He held his head up well (we have not be terribly diligent about tummy-time) and fussed at me when I took him out to give him a rest. I have included a fun video of him in it. In case you cannot tell, as he is playing with the butterfly, he is licking/chewing on the turtle's foot. Can anyone say t-e-e-t-h-i-n-g???? Enjoy!

Two boys.... who knew

I still find it quite ironic that I have 2 sweet sons. Who knew???!!!??? I mean, I wore dresses with lots and lots of ruffles and socks with ruffles and diaper covers with ruffles and bows in my hair. I am a girly-girl to the extreme! And I have boys. Two of them! Again, who knew?!? But, I wouldn't trade either of them for anything in the world. (Ok, maybe one or both of them for a few hours, but that's it! :) I promise!)

We had Miles dedication yesterday (pics to come) and it was such a blessed time with family and friends. It is a huge commitment to give your child back to God. I just want to hold them close and protect them forever from anything that might harm them. I don't want them to make mistakes or fall (physically, emotionally, or spiritually). But, as a mother and as a human, I know that they will and that I will have to watch them make good and bad mistakes on their own. I also know that it is my role to point them to the Savior and live my life in such a way that they will see Him through me. It is such an immense responsibility. It is overwhelming and satisfying at the same time. I have found my purpose and my reason in this world. I am Mason and Miles mommy and I am proud and honored to fill that role.