Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hey big brown eyes!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! It is the day after and the ribbons and bows have started to settle. New toys are piled everywhere as are new clothes for us all. We have spent several days with family and are happy to return to our nice, warm home. Oh yes, we had our heat go out last weekend and ... long story short it was not fixed until today, so we have been spending time with the grandparents. It was a fun new way to spend the holidays (since all the family is in town, we normally come home each night), I must admit. However, we are all happy to be home today.

Miles had a great first Christmas and has really started sitting up on his own more confidently. If he sits still (rare!), he can sit on his own for quite a while, but he usually is too busy flinging himself around after toys or someone to sit for very long.
(Eric, Miles and Miles's great-grandmother Mema)

Mason got a train table and lots of new trains for it. He is so excited that we put it together this morning. We are all having fun putting the track together! He also received a remote controlled car and is having so much fun running it all over the house! Miles is so funny -- when the car is zooming around, he watches it so intently!

(Hannah, Kaleb and Mason intently watching the train go around Nana and Papa's tree)

On a side note, I will be taking Miles soon for a second opinion on his constipation issues. We continue to struggle in that area, even though I have not mentioned it lately. Hopefully a different doctor will give us more than "let's give it 2 more months." It has already been 6 months, what is the point of waiting 2 more and not trying anything new??? It is so hard to just sit by and watch him struggle and have terrible gas pains when he cannot go for several days at a time. But, he is a trooper and generally keeps his happy, smiling demeanor about life!

Take care and I will post some pics of the boys from Christmas very soon!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

7 years and counting!

Miles had an ear check on Monday morning. He has fluid in both ears still, but no infection. YEA!! We go back in a month for another check. If there is still fluid, we will have to see an ENT doctor. If we have to go in before then with an ear infection, we will also have to see an ENT. So, in the middle of cold and flu season, we will hope and pray for the best.

Sunday was our 7 year wedding anniversary. Amazing that it has gone by so quickly!

And, Christmas is just a week from today!!! I love Christmas!! I still have a few gifts to finalize, but all in all I am just about finished! I am excited to see Mason's reaction to all the fun gifts and magic of Christmas. We plan to drive around Highland Park and see lights this weekend. He gets so excited about trees and lights! We have 3 small pencil trees in our entry that have snow but no lights. Mason looked at them the other day and looked at me and told me "no lights, Mommy". When Dylan (a friend) came over, she said "ooh, Christmas trees" and Mason quickly informed her "no lights". So, they both walked around saying "no lights" like it was totally disappointing and wanted me to understand that!! Very funny!! Maybe I will put some lights on them next year. And, this is Miley-Moo's first Christmas, so that is very exciting. He also loves looking at the lights on the tree. I am not sure if he will be able to see any lights on houses from his car seat, but maybe he will see some and enjoy the ride. So, Merry Christmas everyone! There will be plenty of pics posted from all the festivities with cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007 we come!!!!!

HE DID IT!!!! Eric qualified to run the Boston marathon. The big-daddy of marathons! He ran the Dallas White Rock marathon in 3:10:25. His qualifying time is 3:10, but they give a 1 minute grace period, so he did it! It was quite exciting to watch Eric reach this amazing goal. The boys and I are so proud of him. So, on the third Monday in April 2009, we plan to head to Boston for him to run. Just as an FYI, the Boston Marathon is the world's oldest annually contested marathon. (

(Eric is in the white shirt)

In other news, Mason and Miles are doing well. Mason continues to amaze and frustrate me daily. I know, I'll miss these days at some point in the future. I am not always sure about that! Miles also amazes and frustrates me, but in different ways. He continues to rub his ears and is having trouble sleeping at nights. Yesterday, he ate 40 oz of formula, cereal once and three 4 oz jars of fruit. I am not sure where the kid puts all the food, but he must have his daddy's metabolism! Friday we have a follow-up appointment with the Gi doctor and Monday we have an ear check scheduled. I'll post results from both of those.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fun pics from Houston

Just wanted to post a few pics from our Thanksgiving trip to Houston. Miles met some of the extended family for the first time. Everyone had a great time!

The girls: Kim, Betty (Mimi), Kendra and Emilyn

Miles and Great-great Aunt Lois

Mason, Kendra, Miles, Emilyn and Auntie Kim

Great-Aunt Karen, Miles, Great Grandma Kimball and Emilyn

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Another week....

.... another double ear infection for Miles. Yes, that is right. We went yesterday for Miles' 6 month "well baby" (haha) check-up and found out about his ears. He did still get his shots, so he is in quite a grumpy mood today. He is still sleeping ok, so that is a blessing as I am still getting over my respiratory infection. Miles updated stats: 16 lbs, 15 oz (45%), 28 1/4" (93%).

Mason remains healthy and happy. He is dealing with all the sick grumpy people in his life pretty well. He is also starting to get excited about Christmas and Santa. I hope to take him over to see the Trains at North Park Mall, so we'll post some pics or at least commentary about that once we go.

5 days until Eric's marathon. Please keep him in your prayers for continued good health, strong legs and the mental strength to not let outside factors (the warm weather) impact his focus. Thanks all!