Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Boston.....here we come!!!!!

HE DID IT!!!! Eric qualified to run the Boston marathon. The big-daddy of marathons! He ran the Dallas White Rock marathon in 3:10:25. His qualifying time is 3:10, but they give a 1 minute grace period, so he did it! It was quite exciting to watch Eric reach this amazing goal. The boys and I are so proud of him. So, on the third Monday in April 2009, we plan to head to Boston for him to run. Just as an FYI, the Boston Marathon is the world's oldest annually contested marathon. (www.bostonmarathon.com)

(Eric is in the white shirt)

In other news, Mason and Miles are doing well. Mason continues to amaze and frustrate me daily. I know, I'll miss these days at some point in the future. I am not always sure about that! Miles also amazes and frustrates me, but in different ways. He continues to rub his ears and is having trouble sleeping at nights. Yesterday, he ate 40 oz of formula, cereal once and three 4 oz jars of fruit. I am not sure where the kid puts all the food, but he must have his daddy's metabolism! Friday we have a follow-up appointment with the Gi doctor and Monday we have an ear check scheduled. I'll post results from both of those.