Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Letter to Auntie Kim

Dear Auntie Kim,

We are SOOOOOOOOO super excited that you are coming to see us soon. Mommy keeps saying 8 more weeks, but we don't reall know what that means, so we are just going to keep asking every single day if today is the day that Auntie Kim comes.

We feel the need to prepare you for your trip. Having only a girl, you probably are used to playing with these...

(baby dolls, strollers, fun pink and purple accessories)

We prefer toys that are a little, well, more manly.
Like power tools.

OK, not real power tools. Mommy does not allow us to touch those. But we do love our tools.
And we love to dig in the dirt. (Digging in the dirt is best when it is raining.)
(Yes, that is our concrete driveway. Yes, it has a huge pothole. Yes, the boys filled it with dirt. Please don't ask us to fix it. See the previous post? About our huge, unplanned bathroom remodel? See the aura of $$$$ all around that post? We will not be repairing the driveway any time soon. Besides, Max has not yet experienced the joy of playing in dirt, in the rain, in your own driveway. Oh, and watch where you step!)
You will not find a single "D1sney Pr1ncess" movie or character in our house. No movies, dolls, cups or other paraphanelia with a single princess. We prefer super heroes (Sp1derman, B0lt), fast cars (L1ghning McQueen), tra1ns, and t00ls (Handy*Manny and the t00ls rock).

We have non-stop energy. We will rarely sit to do anything. Occasionally, we will watch a cartoon in the morning or right before naptime. Do not expect us to sit quiet and still to read a book. We get about halfway through a board game or puzzle before we are bored or distracted by something shiny.

Oh, we love to collect d00dlebugs (aka r0lly p0llys). We are not big on other bugs though. Ants freak us out. You have to take care of those.

We love to eat outside on the patio and will beg and plead to do so.

If you say something one time, we will remember it and probably repeat it back to you. Good or bad, so watch out what you promise or say in frustration (just ask Mommy)!!! :)

Mason: I am always hungry. As soon as you get the kitchen cleaned up from a meal, I will ask for the next meal or at least a snack. Mommy says I must have an empty toe. I don't know what that means, but I always get more food when she says it! :) I need time outside. Every day. No matter what. Rain does not bother me. Storms scare me though. If it storms at night, expect to have a visitor in your bed. Oh, and I will not sleep without a light on. More light = better sleep. While I won't admit it, I need at least one good snuggle a day. Sometimes two.

Miles: I will always want what Mason has. If he has a snack, I need one too. If he has a toy, I immediately have an overwhelming urge to have that exact toy. No others are good enough. At least not until Mason moves on to another toy. Then, I have to have that exact toy instead. Also, I hate to have my hair combed or my teeth brushed. I will start saying "ouch" when you are 5 feet away from me but I see a comb or toothbrush in your hand.

We cannot WAIT to see you soon. (If we didn't scare you away!!!) 8 weeks.... whatever that means!

Your favorite nephews....Mason and Miles

Bath update

Sheetrockers are here starting today and should be finished by Friday. E plans to paint Friday evening and clean all the dust and tools (both have taken over our bedroom) this weekend. I would help but he refuses to let me! SO, by the end of the weekend we should at least be back in our room. In a real bed!!! YEA!!! I am almost giddy with anticipation!
Tile comes in at the end of this week and should be started next Monday. Cabinets are scheduled to come in on the 6th. Plumbing and electrical can then finish up. And, we will get the countertops started around the same time. A finish date of Sept. 1 seemed highly unlikely as we started this process, but it is feeling very do-able at this point.

Now, we just have to get Max's room ready for him too...... that feels like a post for another day!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Holding my babies close

A friend had their second child this weekend. We visited the hospital yesterday morning and met the new baby. The new mommy looks amazing! I can only hope to look so good the day after..... and I have it "easy" - no pushing here. Now, that 6+" incision... that is another story.

Anyway, holding that yummy newborn - it made me long to hold SweetBabyBoo. I can hardly wait to meet him!! I can hardly wait to see which of his brothers he will look like. I wonder if he will have Mason's blue eyes or Miles' brown eyes. Maybe he'll have mommy's green eyes. Will he have mommy and Miles' curly hair or daddy and Mason's straight thick hair? Will he be born with hair or bald like both boys were.? Will he weigh more (please, God, NO!!!!) or less than the boys (Mason was 8lb 4 oz at 11 days early and Miles was 7lb 10 oz right on time)? I can't wait to find out!! I thought that with the third pregnancy the feelings of anticipation would be lessened. They are not though. They are stronger than ever. Maybe because I am more confident in my mommy-hood and skills. Maybe because I know that this is most likely the last of our children I will ever feel kicking me in the ribs. (We have no more plans, but God seems to have a funny sense of humor lately.) Maybe because I now realize what a gift children are and I am so thankful to be blessed with 3 healthy, beautiful, amazing, perfect boys.

But, regardless of what he looks like, I just pray that Max is healthy. I cannot imagine what it would feel like to lose one of my precious boys. I have mentioned Baby Stellan before on the blog. He has a problem with his heart. I can't explain it, but today he is very, very sick. The problem was found when he was in his mommy's tummy and he was never expected to be born alive. He is 9 months old now but fighting hard. Please, please say prayer for this family. I believe in miracles and so does this family.

So thankful that our boys are healthy and curled up on the couch with me right now. They are eating bananas and watching a cartoon. Mason intermitently asks to go outside and play in the rain. Today? I just might let them.

Friday, July 24, 2009

It turned on me

My innie? It's now an outie.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mason-isms part 3

With two boys and another on the way, the house gets SO dirty. And, Mommy has little time to clean. It has gotten out of control. So, we recently hired someone to help me keep the house clean. the first day she cleaned, Mason walked in and took a deep breath and joyfully exclaimed "Mommy! The house smells SO clean!" He was elated beyond words.

On Tuesday, Mason came to me and told me "Mommy, the house is really dirty. Can you call Ms. Melinda and have her clean the house." Yeah.
1) The house was such a wreck even our 4-year-old noticed it and couldn't stand it.
2) Like father like son.... they both can appreciate a really clean house.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

These two .....

They may drive me crazy some days.

But, when this is the thanks I get at the end of the day,

It is ALL totally worth it!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Post #200

This is my 200th post on the blog. I am a little sad about moving the blog, but since we will not be a family of 4 much longer, and we have no plans for 4 kids. So, look for a move soon. One that will, hopefully reflect our family going forward. I am still working on a new blog name though, so stay tuned. :)
I was planning on doing a post about the wonderful weather we have had the last few days thanks to a rare July cool front. But it is apparently over. I am sitting on the back porch watching the boys play and am sweating more now than I did while working out on the elliptical machine this morning. Does this count as a second work-out in a day? Does this mean I get a free pass tomorrow from going to the gym? Does this mean that I can enjoy my Or*eo's guilt-free tonight? Not that I had any last night. I would never indulge in or*eo's ever. Especially not while 30 weeks pregnant. (I refuse to post just how many I ate last night!!!)
Back to the weather. My computer shows it is only 93. But it feels like it is 103. Must be the humidity. Seriously.
OK, Mason thinks he is dying from a mosquio bite and I must tend to it right now..... sigh. :)

(If you are wondering why some words have an * in the middle, I don't want those to pop up in a search anyone performs and have them land on my blog by mistake.)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Boy clothes

(stepping on my soapbox)
There are NO cute newborn baby boy clothes out there right now.
All I am looking for is one outfit acceptable for bringing home Max in.
That's it.
I am not looking for tons of clothes.
I don't want a PJ set.
I want an outfit.
Real clothes.
Real boy clothes.
Not girl clothes. I am sick of seeing pink and boys and ruffles. Makes me a little sad, if I am being really honest.
Which, apparently, I am.
Is one outfit really too much to ask?????
(stepping down now)

If anyone sees a cute newborn boy outfit, please let me know.
Thank you.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On a roll

I have been a much better blogger lately. :) With the bathroom remodel, I have spent a lot of time online researching products and contractors. So, when I get bored or frustrated, I jump onto the blog.
Today, the electricians were here and installed the can lights, exhaust fan/light/heater, plugs and switches. Yea for progress. Pumbers will be here Saturday. 1 pony wall has been built for the side of the shower and the pony wall at the end of the tub has to be built before plumbers come. The tub was purchased and picked up yesterday and the tile was ordered yesterday. I have a tub and toilet in my garage. Classy, no?
Mason is in VBS this week - every morning 9-12. It was been nice spending some quality time with Miles. He doesn't get alone time too often.
We are going to meet Eric at the Y to swim and burn off some of the boy's energy. Here's hoping for a really good night sleep and an early bedtime for all in the Kimball house!
Oh, Max has decided that he really likes to be awake around 2-3AM. The last several nights I have been up (yes, to go to the potty) and he has been doing some serious somersaults. I am very, very worried about what this will mean when he is born.
In 68 days.
Bathroom is slated to be completed September 1st. I am for once hoping this boy does not come early so I will have 3 weeks to paint and prepare the house and nursery for Max. No pressure!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Date and Time

Maddox "Max" Ethan
will be joining our family on Monday, September 21st.
C-section has been scheduled for 1PM.

It is getting closer and more exciting every day!!
69 more days (not that I am counting)!!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009


We have already hit 100 degrees 14 times this year.
In an average year, we hit 100 degrees 16 times.

Tomorrow's forecast - 103. Again.

I am 29 weeks pregnant.
Obviously, it's a hot summer.

I think not.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Eyelashes to die for!

Eyelashes, smile and curls to die for. I could just eat him up! :)

Bath renovation - end of first week

We are one week into the messy part of the bathroom renovation. I am hoping that the messy parts will end soon and it will all start coming together soon. I need it to happen so soon. We have 10 weeks and 2 days until Max comes.... 72 days. Not that I am counting. Ahem.
Anyway, here are some pictures from the start of demo last weekend.

The old vanities.
I wish I could say I will miss them.
I won't. I won't say it or miss them.
They are ugly.

The bathtub.
Yes, it is full of water.
Yes, one of the faucets burst during demo.
Yes, we had to go without water (again) for about 24 hours.
No, I don't really want to talk about it.

The shower area.
The wall between the shower and tub was quickly gone.

Here are pics from today......

Got Dust? We do. Which is why our bed mattress is on the floor of the nursery.

PG (pregnant girl) getting out of bed several times a night to go potty? It is NOT pretty. Good thing that it is dark so even Eric doesn't have to see it.

Ready for Max? Not in the slightest. PRAY that he does not come early. Pray Hard. Please.

Standing in our bedroom looking into the bathroom.
Wall is down. All fixtures are gone. The floor has a big hole in it.

This is standing in the doorway, looking at the outside wall. Nothing left but studs. GREAT progress is being made.

Standing in the bathroom looking back towards our bedroom. Eventually, the wall will be back up. Hopefully sooner rather than later. The potty and a tall linen cabinet will be on the left and the shower will be in the right half of this picture.

Progress is being made. It is always too slow for me. Electrician is coming this week and the plumbers the next week. We plan to order cabinets tomorrow, tile and plumbing fixtures this week. Progress is good.

Friday, July 10, 2009

We have a DATE!!!

It is official.
Maddox Ethan will be joining our family on Monday, September 21st!
I am so excited to be a family of 5. I am working on a name for a new blog since we will no longer be a family of 4. Keep watching for info on that.

My OB appointment was great. I only gained 1 lb in the last month. That is enough to make this PG happy for, well, about 2 weeks until I have to weigh-in again. Yep, you read that right. I have to go in again in 2 weeks. I have reached the every-two-week appointment phase. Soon enough, we will be in the weekly appointment phase. Where has time gone? Other than the weight, my blood pressure is great and the baby's heartrate is great. I had my glucose test today, so hoping that the results come back good.

September 21, 2009. What a GREAT date! :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I know we are in Texas, but....

....does it really have to be 172 degrees here? OK, maybe I am exaggerating a bit. But to PG (pregnant girl), it feels like 172 degrees. I am miserable. I am sitting outside letting the boys run off energy so they will go to sleep quickly and sleep like angels until late in the morning play. Ahem. I am miserable.

In other news, Mason's garden is doing so well. We have been well-stocked with carrots and tomatoes this summer. Maybe the boys will branch out and plant a few more veggies next summer.

Two more days until my OB appt. I am excited and nervous to have an exact date to meet Max.

Wishing it was January or that we lived farther north........sigh.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bath update

Demo has begun on the master bathroom.
Tile has been picked (BEAUTIFUL!!!!)
3 electricians are coming today to give bids.
Several plumbers have been called and are coming out over the next couple of days.
Design is finalized and better not change again...!!!

Master bed is in the floor of the baby's room.
Eric's clothes are in the baby's closet.
Boys are curious but mostly uneffected.
Mommy's nerves are a little frazzled.

July is a little calmer. Miles' swim lessons are finished. Mason will have swim lessons one day a week through July. One week of VBS for Mason.

Mason had a very fun 4th of July weekend. He went camping in Tyler with Nana and Papa. He dug in the dirt with his new shovel and bucket. He played with his new tractors (thanks Nana and Papa). Papa taught him how to fish with his very own Lightn1ng McQueen fishing pole. I will have to get pics from Nana to share. He slept in his "sleepy bag" (Lightn1ngMcQueen sleeping bag) on the floor of the (air conditioned) trailer. :) (We camp in style.... no tents and sweating for us!) But he played hard (his clothes were SO stinky!!) and had a blast. I keep hearing about the fun he had. I love that he can go away for a few days and enjoy his grandparents. And, it was so EASY to have just one child in the house. Who knew that 1 was so easy. I know, I know, 2 will feel easy soon enough. I just don't know how families of 4, 5, 6..... the Duggars.... do it. I am in awe!

My next OB appointment is Friday. I have my glucose test and we will schedule my c-section. I can't believe in just 3 days we will know exactly when we will meet our newest little guy. I am overwhelmed by the list of things to do and coordinate that will invariably hit me once the date is decided. Seems weird to know this far in advance. Not much about this pregnancy or baby are a surprise. Well, except for the pregnancy itself. THAT was a huge surprise. Everything about Mason's was a surprise. Yes, everyone knew he was a boy and what his name was, but since it was our first baby, everything was new and shocking. To me and Eric, at least. Miles' gender was a surprise to all of us. His name was only known by Eric and I until he was born. Had Miles been a girl, he would have been Brooklyn Hope. Have I ever shared that? I think with only a few that have asked. This time? Gender - known. Name - known. Arrival date - known. I guess only the weight will be an unknown. I think this little guy will be the smallest of the 3 boys. I think 7 lbs 2 oz. I deserve a little guy! :) It's too hot to carry an 8+lb baby around all summer!!

OK, enough ramblings. Time to get to the gym to workout and take Mason swimming. Have a great week. Pics coming soon of the bath.