Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Letter to Auntie Kim

Dear Auntie Kim,

We are SOOOOOOOOO super excited that you are coming to see us soon. Mommy keeps saying 8 more weeks, but we don't reall know what that means, so we are just going to keep asking every single day if today is the day that Auntie Kim comes.

We feel the need to prepare you for your trip. Having only a girl, you probably are used to playing with these...

(baby dolls, strollers, fun pink and purple accessories)

We prefer toys that are a little, well, more manly.
Like power tools.

OK, not real power tools. Mommy does not allow us to touch those. But we do love our tools.
And we love to dig in the dirt. (Digging in the dirt is best when it is raining.)
(Yes, that is our concrete driveway. Yes, it has a huge pothole. Yes, the boys filled it with dirt. Please don't ask us to fix it. See the previous post? About our huge, unplanned bathroom remodel? See the aura of $$$$ all around that post? We will not be repairing the driveway any time soon. Besides, Max has not yet experienced the joy of playing in dirt, in the rain, in your own driveway. Oh, and watch where you step!)
You will not find a single "D1sney Pr1ncess" movie or character in our house. No movies, dolls, cups or other paraphanelia with a single princess. We prefer super heroes (Sp1derman, B0lt), fast cars (L1ghning McQueen), tra1ns, and t00ls (Handy*Manny and the t00ls rock).

We have non-stop energy. We will rarely sit to do anything. Occasionally, we will watch a cartoon in the morning or right before naptime. Do not expect us to sit quiet and still to read a book. We get about halfway through a board game or puzzle before we are bored or distracted by something shiny.

Oh, we love to collect d00dlebugs (aka r0lly p0llys). We are not big on other bugs though. Ants freak us out. You have to take care of those.

We love to eat outside on the patio and will beg and plead to do so.

If you say something one time, we will remember it and probably repeat it back to you. Good or bad, so watch out what you promise or say in frustration (just ask Mommy)!!! :)

Mason: I am always hungry. As soon as you get the kitchen cleaned up from a meal, I will ask for the next meal or at least a snack. Mommy says I must have an empty toe. I don't know what that means, but I always get more food when she says it! :) I need time outside. Every day. No matter what. Rain does not bother me. Storms scare me though. If it storms at night, expect to have a visitor in your bed. Oh, and I will not sleep without a light on. More light = better sleep. While I won't admit it, I need at least one good snuggle a day. Sometimes two.

Miles: I will always want what Mason has. If he has a snack, I need one too. If he has a toy, I immediately have an overwhelming urge to have that exact toy. No others are good enough. At least not until Mason moves on to another toy. Then, I have to have that exact toy instead. Also, I hate to have my hair combed or my teeth brushed. I will start saying "ouch" when you are 5 feet away from me but I see a comb or toothbrush in your hand.

We cannot WAIT to see you soon. (If we didn't scare you away!!!) 8 weeks.... whatever that means!

Your favorite nephews....Mason and Miles


Kimber said...

Hi my precious boys:

Here are my rules while I am there:

1. You get whatever you want.
2. You cannot tell mommy what occurs as a result of Rule #1.
3. You can sleep in my bed as long as you don't pee in it :)
4. I can do bugs as long as you don't make me touch them.
5. You must let me give you as many hugs and kisses as I want!
6. And lastly we might have to dress you up in some princess things and take pictures just so we can mess with your daddy. We can find some pretty things in his closet ;)

Has it been 8 weeks yet? You'll learn I can be equally as annoying. Remember I live with Crazy Uncle Ben. MWAA!

Auntie Kim