Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bath update

Demo has begun on the master bathroom.
Tile has been picked (BEAUTIFUL!!!!)
3 electricians are coming today to give bids.
Several plumbers have been called and are coming out over the next couple of days.
Design is finalized and better not change again...!!!

Master bed is in the floor of the baby's room.
Eric's clothes are in the baby's closet.
Boys are curious but mostly uneffected.
Mommy's nerves are a little frazzled.

July is a little calmer. Miles' swim lessons are finished. Mason will have swim lessons one day a week through July. One week of VBS for Mason.

Mason had a very fun 4th of July weekend. He went camping in Tyler with Nana and Papa. He dug in the dirt with his new shovel and bucket. He played with his new tractors (thanks Nana and Papa). Papa taught him how to fish with his very own Lightn1ng McQueen fishing pole. I will have to get pics from Nana to share. He slept in his "sleepy bag" (Lightn1ngMcQueen sleeping bag) on the floor of the (air conditioned) trailer. :) (We camp in style.... no tents and sweating for us!) But he played hard (his clothes were SO stinky!!) and had a blast. I keep hearing about the fun he had. I love that he can go away for a few days and enjoy his grandparents. And, it was so EASY to have just one child in the house. Who knew that 1 was so easy. I know, I know, 2 will feel easy soon enough. I just don't know how families of 4, 5, 6..... the Duggars.... do it. I am in awe!

My next OB appointment is Friday. I have my glucose test and we will schedule my c-section. I can't believe in just 3 days we will know exactly when we will meet our newest little guy. I am overwhelmed by the list of things to do and coordinate that will invariably hit me once the date is decided. Seems weird to know this far in advance. Not much about this pregnancy or baby are a surprise. Well, except for the pregnancy itself. THAT was a huge surprise. Everything about Mason's was a surprise. Yes, everyone knew he was a boy and what his name was, but since it was our first baby, everything was new and shocking. To me and Eric, at least. Miles' gender was a surprise to all of us. His name was only known by Eric and I until he was born. Had Miles been a girl, he would have been Brooklyn Hope. Have I ever shared that? I think with only a few that have asked. This time? Gender - known. Name - known. Arrival date - known. I guess only the weight will be an unknown. I think this little guy will be the smallest of the 3 boys. I think 7 lbs 2 oz. I deserve a little guy! :) It's too hot to carry an 8+lb baby around all summer!!

OK, enough ramblings. Time to get to the gym to workout and take Mason swimming. Have a great week. Pics coming soon of the bath.


Kelley, Tara and Madeline Johnson said...

Uncle Kelley and Auntie Tara are pushing for September 16th!! What a great day to have a baby!!