Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bath renovation - end of first week

We are one week into the messy part of the bathroom renovation. I am hoping that the messy parts will end soon and it will all start coming together soon. I need it to happen so soon. We have 10 weeks and 2 days until Max comes.... 72 days. Not that I am counting. Ahem.
Anyway, here are some pictures from the start of demo last weekend.

The old vanities.
I wish I could say I will miss them.
I won't. I won't say it or miss them.
They are ugly.

The bathtub.
Yes, it is full of water.
Yes, one of the faucets burst during demo.
Yes, we had to go without water (again) for about 24 hours.
No, I don't really want to talk about it.

The shower area.
The wall between the shower and tub was quickly gone.

Here are pics from today......

Got Dust? We do. Which is why our bed mattress is on the floor of the nursery.

PG (pregnant girl) getting out of bed several times a night to go potty? It is NOT pretty. Good thing that it is dark so even Eric doesn't have to see it.

Ready for Max? Not in the slightest. PRAY that he does not come early. Pray Hard. Please.

Standing in our bedroom looking into the bathroom.
Wall is down. All fixtures are gone. The floor has a big hole in it.

This is standing in the doorway, looking at the outside wall. Nothing left but studs. GREAT progress is being made.

Standing in the bathroom looking back towards our bedroom. Eventually, the wall will be back up. Hopefully sooner rather than later. The potty and a tall linen cabinet will be on the left and the shower will be in the right half of this picture.

Progress is being made. It is always too slow for me. Electrician is coming this week and the plumbers the next week. We plan to order cabinets tomorrow, tile and plumbing fixtures this week. Progress is good.