Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Post #200

This is my 200th post on the blog. I am a little sad about moving the blog, but since we will not be a family of 4 much longer, and we have no plans for 4 kids. So, look for a move soon. One that will, hopefully reflect our family going forward. I am still working on a new blog name though, so stay tuned. :)
I was planning on doing a post about the wonderful weather we have had the last few days thanks to a rare July cool front. But it is apparently over. I am sitting on the back porch watching the boys play and am sweating more now than I did while working out on the elliptical machine this morning. Does this count as a second work-out in a day? Does this mean I get a free pass tomorrow from going to the gym? Does this mean that I can enjoy my Or*eo's guilt-free tonight? Not that I had any last night. I would never indulge in or*eo's ever. Especially not while 30 weeks pregnant. (I refuse to post just how many I ate last night!!!)
Back to the weather. My computer shows it is only 93. But it feels like it is 103. Must be the humidity. Seriously.
OK, Mason thinks he is dying from a mosquio bite and I must tend to it right now..... sigh. :)

(If you are wondering why some words have an * in the middle, I don't want those to pop up in a search anyone performs and have them land on my blog by mistake.)