Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On a roll

I have been a much better blogger lately. :) With the bathroom remodel, I have spent a lot of time online researching products and contractors. So, when I get bored or frustrated, I jump onto the blog.
Today, the electricians were here and installed the can lights, exhaust fan/light/heater, plugs and switches. Yea for progress. Pumbers will be here Saturday. 1 pony wall has been built for the side of the shower and the pony wall at the end of the tub has to be built before plumbers come. The tub was purchased and picked up yesterday and the tile was ordered yesterday. I have a tub and toilet in my garage. Classy, no?
Mason is in VBS this week - every morning 9-12. It was been nice spending some quality time with Miles. He doesn't get alone time too often.
We are going to meet Eric at the Y to swim and burn off some of the boy's energy. Here's hoping for a really good night sleep and an early bedtime for all in the Kimball house!
Oh, Max has decided that he really likes to be awake around 2-3AM. The last several nights I have been up (yes, to go to the potty) and he has been doing some serious somersaults. I am very, very worried about what this will mean when he is born.
In 68 days.
Bathroom is slated to be completed September 1st. I am for once hoping this boy does not come early so I will have 3 weeks to paint and prepare the house and nursery for Max. No pressure!!!


in said...

Nothing ever goes as planned...does it...hopefully he will hold on until the 21st so you can "nest" a little more. Sounds like Max is another very active boy...they are going to wear you out (in a good positive way)!!