Monday, February 22, 2010

Update - B90Days

Today is day 53 in my 90 day Bible reading plan.  I am on day 52.  And I am totally Ok with that.

It is a 90 day plan, but the reading officially takes 88 days and there are 2 days at the end to catch-up.  I have decided to use one of my days and with that, I am right on target.  Life with 3 little boys, a house for sale, a  husband that works a lot, church commitments and my real work (laundry, cleaning, washing faces and hands, changing and washing diapers, fixing meals, cleaning up after meals, nursing the littlest boy that still refuses a bottle....whew!!!) is busy.  And I am exhausted.

Max has not been sleeping well.  Last night was the worst night we have had since Miles had the on-going ear infections as a babe.  Speaking of Miles and his ear infections, you may remember we had tubes put in his ears on April 10, 2008.  One is now out and one is still in but starting to move a bit.  We expect it to be out by the time he turns 3 in May.  I had no idea they would stay in so long.  But, he has been amazingly healthy since then, so NO complaints here!

Back to the Bible reading..... I have completed reading through Isaiah 52.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the reading so far.  But, I have not fully understood Isaiah.  I think that this is definitely one book that I will be reading again starting in April and will probably need a study to help me understand more of what is going on in this book.

Mason received his first flower on Valentines Day.  From a girl at his school.  Be still my heart.  I love love love that he is growing up but I just can't handle another girl stealing his sweet, kind, compassionate, big heart away from momma!

Max played with his bottle tonight.  Normally he pushes it away or cries when it gets near him.  Tonight, he actually played with it a while and even chewed on it a bit.  We are starting to make some progress here!  Yea!!!

Yes, this is all over the place.  I am exhausted and still have to get 2 of 3 boys to bed.  Night-night time can't come soon enough tonight.  Up tomorrow is an update of my Project Life album.


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