Monday, April 27, 2009

IT'S A ......

IT'S A BOY!!!!
We are officially going to be a family of 5 -- 4 boys and momma.
I had my 18-week level-2 sono today and as Dr. R put it "the baby is perfect". At the end of the day, that is ALL that we can ask for. Truly, we are blessed. 3 healthy pregnancies, 3 healthy boys. Nothing else really matters.
BabyBoo's (still working on his M name...) heartrate was 142. He measured almost perfectly in line with my due date (2 days over). His head is big... big surprise. He weighs 10 oz (I was really hoping for a little more weight on the baby and less on my hips and rear!). All major organs are present and accounted for and look great. They even looked at his lip and could tell that there is no cleft palet. Amazing what they can see!
So, I am officially on the hunt for a new blog name. If you come up with something creative, leave a comment and I will check it out. On blogger, mythreesons and my3sons are taken already. Could have been cute!


Anonymous said...

Here are some great boy names that I have found to be unique.

Matthew (my fave - baby #1 was a BOY)
Marshall (another fave - if baby #3 was a boy)
Maxwell (Max - a friend just named her boy)

Blogger name - Kimball Family of 5
The Kimball Three Sons
Sons of the Kimballs

Love you!

Christine said...

Congrats! Boys are so darn cute!