Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Project life - week 14

 I sat down the other night and updated my album with pictures and journaling through March.  I am so excited that I am up to date and staying up on this project!  I highly recommend it to anyone!  It is easy, the kit contains everything you need (except the pics and the words, of course).  It takes me maybe 30 minutes a week to choose the pics for the previous week and journal and about 1 hour at the end of the month to write it all out and put it in the album.
Anyway, here are this week's pictures....
Sunday, April 11 - Max loves to be outside just like his big brothers and daddy!  We are enjoying beautiful weather and a lot of new growth on our plants. 

Monday, April 12 - The week started with a bang!  Miles' MDO teacher (Ms. Catherine) mentioned she thought Miles was a little off.  When I asked him, he said his ear hurt.  So, off to the ped we went.  The good news?  Both ear tubes are out.  The bad news?  He (already) has an ear infection in his left ear.

Tuesday, April 13 - Mason is getting so big!  He is an awesome big brother and LOVES to dig holes and play with tractors. 

Wednesday, April 14 - Speaking of digging holes, our garden is starting to show signs of life!  Corn is in the middle.  Tiny buds of tomato plants and carrots are coming up around the edges. 

Thursday, April 15 - I know I have a lot of pictures of Miles painting, but he loves it and it is the only time he sits still enough for a picture!  Plus, those curls are YUMMY!  This time, he decided to finger paint while Mommy was out of the room with Max.  Finger paint on Mommy's floor, that is.....

Friday, April 16 - Our landscaping looks beautiful in the spring!  Eric did an awesome job turning a bare, boring lawn into this beautiful place in 6 short years!

Saturday, April 17 - I don't often do pictures of things that are sitting still, but I love our Japanese Maple tree.  The color is striking and this little tree near our front door is welcoming!

Have a great week!


dawn said...

Great outdoor pictures this week. I love seeing all the spring pictures on everyone's blog lately. We barely have trees or flowers in our yard. Hope your son feels better soon. I had tubes in my ears too. Have a great week. I'm happy to be doing this album too, Becky Higgins is so awesome to do this album.

Bev said...

Great pics!