Tuesday, March 16, 2010

6 months

I will come back and post more later on this, but wanted to quickly say that Max is 6 months old today.
Sweet boy is feeling bad today and so is mommy (we both have a cold and I have no voice at all.  Makes a day with 3 boys very long and pretty frustrating for all of us!).

OK,Max is in bed and Mason and Miles are in PJs and watching a movie.
I had fun taking some pics this afternoon of Max.  Hope you enjoy.

Dear Peanut,
12 months ago today......

We found out with 90% certainty that our 2 boy house would become a 3 boy house.  Daddy, Mommy and both brothers were all there to find out the news together.

6 months ago today....

You gave me the greatest gift for the third time and made me a mommy again.  So much of that day was a blur, but I remember your first cry so crystal clear.  I tried so hard to be in-the-moment during the entire day.  I think I did that and am trying to savor every day and every moment of your life.

3 months ago today......
Daddy and I celebrated our anniversary and you had your first cookie-decorating party.  It was an emotional day in many ways.  We lost Mema the day before and I was so happy to have you as a happy distraction!

And today.......

You LOVE to be on your tummy.
You LOVE to watch your brothers.
You have the sweetest smile, the longest eyelashes and biggest brown eyes ever!
You have no teeth still, but are getting close!
You were 3-6month clothes.
You still won't take a bottle, but have started taking some juice out of a cup.
You love to eat - apples, peaches, prunes, sweet potatoes.  You hate peas and green beans!
You don't love your carseat, but you tolerate it if your brothers will talk to you.
We are working out a new schedule for you - you have to go to bed earlier to make up for your inconsistent naps.
You are starting to be ok with bathtime and you seem to like showers better than baths.... just like your brothers!
You are so loved!

And, just to freak me out, look what Max has started doing......
Look out!  Things are about to get WAY more interesting (read: chaotic) around here.  And yes, he pulls his knees up under himself all the time now and no, I didn't pose him that way.