Wednesday, March 10, 2010

300 posts!

(Edited to add pics at the bottom.... you WON'T want to miss these!)
This is my 300th post to the blog!  I am impressed and shocked all at the same time!
Here is our day, in bullets....

  • Max slept 12 hours last night.  For the 4th night in a row.  Hooray for the new schedule that got us to this point!!!!!
  • Mason had school today.  And class pictures.  So glad I sent an extra clean white shirt.  Why do 3/4/5 year old boys have to wear white shirts to school??
  • Ran an errand this morning.
  • Got caught out in a rain/hail storm.  Hope my car is ok.
  • Came home instead of going to the grocery store, got the 2 boys out of the car only to realize the rain had stopped.
  • Put 2 boys back in the car.
  • Drive to grocery store.
  •  Baby in BabyBj0rn, Miles in car shopping cart (still can't steer that thing!)
  • Get groceries without too much trouble.
  • Getting said groceries in my car with 3 car seats is always a lot of trouble!
  • Miles helped me bring the groceries in the house.  Without even being asked.  Such a sweet boy!
  • While making many trips in and out of garage for groceries, (mom stop reading for a minute) slipped and fell.
  • Left hip and back not feeling very good.
  • Max is apparently teething.  I say apparently because he is drooling, snot is everywhere (including all over my shirt and his clothes), not napping today, crying all day and screaming like crazy when I put him down.
  • Did I mention the fall/hip and back hurting?  Not good on the day the babe picks to scream like crazy when being put down.
  • Picked up Mason from school.  
  • Visit to s0nic on the way home for drinks.
  • Big boys are outside playing.
  • In the mud.
  • (mud=more laundry)
  • Max is finally sleeping (thank you ty1enol and oraje1!).
  • Mommy is enjoying a few minutes of quiet.
  • More laundry is totally worth a few minutes of quiet!
Enjoy the 300th post.  Just keeping it real about a real day in the life of a real mom of 3 little boys. Glamorous, right????

OK, so after posting, I went out to check on those quiet boys.  Should have remained blissfully ignorant and enjoyed my quiet a few more minutes.  Here is what I found.....

Please note that Mason's pants are wet/muddy up to the crotch.  And notice that I was smart enough to change him out of his white school shirt this time (I didn't Monday.  It will never be the same.)
Yes, that is mud in both of their hair.  Yes, they are also muddy all up their backs.  Yes, our community group meets at church tonight.  Yes, I sent them back out to play in the mud some more.  Why not at this point.  Yes, I really need to go get them showered and fed.  Yes, Max picked one minute ago to wake up and scream some more.
Love spring and the rain!


Anonymous said...
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Sharon J said...

Too funny!!! I just can't help but laugh at those sweet boys so dirty!