Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Project life - week 8

02/21 - I pulled out the saucer and Max LOVES it!

02/22 - My current favorite thing?  Chick-f1l-a sweet tea!

02/23 -- We had a playdate in the mat room at church. The boys had a great time!

02/24 - The unfortunate part about being a third child is that you spend a lot of time in your carseat.  Max is a great sport about it though!  Most of the time, at least!

02/25 - Mason has started swim lessons again.  He loves swimming and I would love to see him join a team in the next few years.

02/26 - Proof that Max is starting to get used to a bottle.  At least he is not screaming, even if he is not drinking ot!

02/27 - Miles loves to paint.  We played with play-doh and painted today! He is quite serious about his art!


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