Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Project life - week 11

A day late again, I know.  Tough week.

03/14 - Max got to enjoy his first swing! He was so relaxed and just smiled and cooed the entire time. (Not sure which pic to use ... thoughts?)

03/15 - My 3 big boys enjoying the beautiful spring weather at the park!

03/16 -  All 3 of my boys on three different swings - each matching their personality.  Miles likes to spin in circles, Max is just enjoying the motion and watching his big brothers.  Mason on the big swing and wanting to go as high as he can!  (PS Happy 6 month birthday sweet Max!)

03/17 - Across the street from our favorite park is a fire station.  We went to peek in the windows at the trucks and an ambulance returned.  They invited us in to see the trucks.

03/18 - To help Mommy get through Spring Break week, we got a new Go, Diego, Go toy.  The boys were mesmerized for hours!

03/19 -Max loves to hang out in his bed and watch his mobile.  He is getting so big already!


dawn said...

Hello, love your pictures this week. Forgot to leave a comment though. My favorite is your 3 kids on 3 kinds of swings. I have a picture of my 3 girls all in those baby seats when they were little. My oldest was 9 but she sat in one with her feet hanging off the side. It's still one of my fave pictures. Cool new toy also.