Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Project life - week 10

03/07 - Mason, Miles, Jude and Dylan absorbed in a movie.  Good time for the grown-ups to talk.

03/08 - Max sure does love his Nana! :)

03/09 -Max sitting tall and proud in his b0ppy pillow.  Next step.... sitting on his own!

03/10 - Sending the boys outside to get a few quiet minutes for mommy = lots of laundry later!

03/11 -More rain. Will it EVER end???  We all put on our rain boots and went outside anyway.


03/12 - Mason's class had a field trip to the Dallas W0rld Aquarium.  Mason's favorite things were the jellyfish, sharks and the jaguar!
03/13 - Love the onesie with the tie (notice the frog on the bottom - so cute!), love the chunky thighs, love the sweet baby!


Susan said...

Oh, so many memories of my boys as babies.

Enjoy these days!

They are precious...