Friday, March 5, 2010

Hello weekend!

So glad that it is the weekend finally. Such a busy week!
Tuesday night, we went to an open house at a potential school for Mason next year.  We went in with low expectations (and really, I went in not wanting to like it), but were extremely impressed with the teachers.  Too impressed.  The great part is that it is an option that we had thought closed to us, but it seems like it could be a great option.  The right option?  Don't know.  In fact, I don't even know if there is *one* right option.  I really doubt that God is in Heaven saying "If you don't pick this one right school, then I am just not going to bless you or your boys and they are going to fail in life.  All because you chose the wrong school." 
I received a devotion in my e-mail yesterday that reminded me of this fact.  I won't share the whole thing (click here if you want to read more, it really is awesome), but the summary is this:
No matter whether you make the right decision or the wrong one, He will still be there walking with you, loving you, and helping you. Pray about your decision. Read His word. Seek out godly counsel. And then make the best decision you can. Sometimes the biggest decision is to simply make one. Place your trust in Him and rest in the fact that He will meet you on the other side of whatever decision you make.
Isn't that awesome?  Gives me peace about all this, for sure.  
Mason had swim yesterday afternoon.  Miles' class was canceled today (teacher is sick), so we are enjoying hanging out at home.
I put together my Project Life album Wednesday.  I LOVE it!  So easy and quick.  But so fun to have glimpses of our life at this stage with 3 little boys (yes, Nana, including the laundry!!!).  Here are a few pics I took of the album for those that were asking.....
This is the first page.  I might put a few favorite pics in at the end of the year.  But, will leave the top left ("These are the photos that tell a story") and the right one in the middle row ("photos and stories by").

Journaling cards in the middle - I copy these right off the blog.  Pics go up and down. Love the designs on the cards.
This is the week of Mason's birthday.  I just did a few journaling cards and cropped a few pics of him to fit in the journaling card spaces.

I plan to get a few plain page protectors to put some of their artwork in.  (The one on white paper is a volcano erupting.  Yes, I had to ask too.  The middle one is what Mason wants to be when he grows up - a police man, a fireman and an ambulance driver.  The circles are the start of an ambulance's wheels, not boobs. The red next to the big guy's head is the fire.)

And this is what the floor looked like while in progress.  I had the blog up to write out my daily journaling.  The cards come in neat boxes.  There are stickers but I have not used those yet.  Yes, my phone and favorite chocolate brown sharpie are close by. Planning to use the same pen all the way through.

It took me about 2 hours to do the first 5 weeks.  I expect it to get a bit quicker as I get more comfortable with it.