Monday, February 1, 2010

Just a wee bit behind - B90Days

My heart is full today.
I just looked through the pictures from Maddox's dedication and Mason's 5th birthday party.
I will share more soon, but here's a sneak peek....

Is that not the cutest cake you have ever seen????

After the party ended Saturday night and we got the house put back together, we officially listed our house for sale.  It is a bittersweet decision, but we are trusting God on this one.  We honestly have no idea where we will end up and are looking in about 3 different areas of town. 

Because of all the craziness this week, I got a bit behind on my Bible reading.  Remember that plan to read it in 90 days?  Yeah.  I spent every quiet (or half-quiet) moment reading and catching up yesterday.  I almost made it.  I ended the day with just 7 chapters left in yesterday's reading.  So, I am about to do that and today's reading now.  While Max is sleeping. And Mason and Miles are at school/MDO.  LOVE a quiet house.  
(Updated:  finished yesterday's reading. On to today's.  Will have read thru 2 Chronicles 23 by bedtime tonight!)

Ok, here's one two more.....(I can't leave the middle child out or Uncle Kelley will call me out on it!)


keelyjo said...

Great Party...thanks for including us!

Sharon J said...

Can't believe my sweet boy is 5!! Where did time go? Happy happy birthday my sweet Mason.