Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bath update

Sheetrockers are here starting today and should be finished by Friday. E plans to paint Friday evening and clean all the dust and tools (both have taken over our bedroom) this weekend. I would help but he refuses to let me! SO, by the end of the weekend we should at least be back in our room. In a real bed!!! YEA!!! I am almost giddy with anticipation!
Tile comes in at the end of this week and should be started next Monday. Cabinets are scheduled to come in on the 6th. Plumbing and electrical can then finish up. And, we will get the countertops started around the same time. A finish date of Sept. 1 seemed highly unlikely as we started this process, but it is feeling very do-able at this point.

Now, we just have to get Max's room ready for him too...... that feels like a post for another day!