Tuesday, February 26, 2008

He's been accepted!

Mason received his first acceptance letter for school. We are quite excited that Mason will be attending preschool (K3) at Grace Academy (www.graceacademy.com) in the fall. It is a small, Christian school near our home that has K3-6th grade. It will serve for not only preschool, but will solve our elementary school delimma. So, we will be meeting new teachers and visiting his new classroom soon. He will also be going 3 full days (8:15-3PM) rather than the two he is at Mother's Day Out currently. So, big changes are coming for our little boy. I can't believe how quickly time is flying!

Miles is getting over the flu slowly. His fever is gone as of yesterday, but he is still not eating much at all. Normally, he eats 30-35 oz of formula plus 3-4 jars of baby food and other snacks (cheerios, stars, etc). Since last Thursday, we have been forcing him to eat 10-15 oz of formula a day and at least a portion of a jar of baby food. He gets easily choked when he starts coughing and if he has just eaten, he usually loses his food/formula. So, some of what goes in is not staying in. Anyone know how long this might last and at what point I should be concerned enough to call the doctor (I was concerned enough yesterday, but didn't call)???? I know that babies eat when they are hungry and he is still having some wet diapers. But this kid is usually a piggy, so it is hard to see him not eat very much.

Better run. It is bath time soon! k