Friday, February 22, 2008

One (ok, three) LONGGGGGG nights

Miles had a terrible last 24 hours. Tuesday night, he didn't sleep well at all. Wednesday morning, I realized he had cut his first tooth. That afternoon, he had a a fever (101-102). Nothing huge when cutting teeth. He also had a really runny nose suddenly. Yesterday, I kept him home from mother's day out because of the fever (still 101 range). He slept a lot of the day, but was not good sleep. He would wake a cry a few minutes and then go back to sleep. After his afternoon nap, he felt really warm. Took his temp and it was 103.8. Long story (and a lot of temp taking) short, he had temps of 103.8-104.5 all evening. Talked to the pediatrician several times and didn't get a lot of help - other than if it made it to 105, we were going to Children's. About 3am, his fever broke and he slept from 3-6. At 6, he took a bottle - the first time he had taken more than 1-2 oz since Wednesday afternoon. I hope that we are in the clear. We are just hanging out at the house and having a movie day. Last night was really scary and I am worn out from it all!

Hope you all are doing well and staying healthy......