Wednesday, February 6, 2008

UGI today

Miles' upper GI was this morning. He was a trooper, all things considered. They strapped him down to this board. Then, they pulled his arms over his head and strapped his arms and head down. Clearly, he was quite unhappy with this arrangement. He was given a 2 oz bottle of barium to drink. He started ok, but after about a half ounce, he decided he was not a fan. We had to coax him to drink. If he didn't drink it, they would have to put a tube in his nose and get it down that way. I started silently praying and it worked! He kept kinda growling and crying at us, but did eventually finish with me holding the bottle for him (rather than the nurse). The x-ray machine was very close to him and covered most of his face, but he could see me just a little. He would look at me with those sad pitiful eyes and just cry. It about tore my heart out. So, I talked and sang and he calmed some.
The board he was strapped to turned and as he drank and afterwards, they turned him on each side and eventually face down. That was when the real screaming began. He was so mad and refused to drink more. Since there was so little in his tummy, it took a while to start moving into his intestines (which they needed it to). They kept rubbing his tummy and sides with a wooden spoon to coax it to move (I guess). Finally, they got the images they needed. Unstrapped his arms, which almost made him more mad because his body was still stapped down. He needed to drink more barium so that they could see if he would reflux. No doing. They said no problem, if they could see him reflux, great. If not, it was fine too. Once I held him, he settled quickly and cuddled up close. He fussed when we tried to get him dressed, but was happy and smiling at them all before we left. He quickly fell asleep on the way home - all the screaming wore him out. It was about 20-25 minutes from start to finish.
She didn't say much afterwards (I was not paying attention to anything she might have been saying during the test - my mind and attention was totally on Miles). But, she did say all the organs looked fine. Great news, except for I feel like there is still no answer for the throwing up. Maybe once the doctor looks at the report he will have more information for us.
Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers. We felt them this morning. Both boys had a really hard night last night, so I am going to rest while they are both napping now. I'll post more when we know more....