Sunday, February 24, 2008

Still sick

Miles is still battling the flu and high fevers. He was up to 104 again today. Everyone tells me that it is ok, but when he just lays in my arms and moans, it certainly does not feel fine. It makes my heart hurt for him. I hate for either of my babies to be sick.

Mason seems to be staying healthy. I just pray he stays that way. Eric and I are both congested, but according to the tamiflu website, our smptoms are not indicative of the flu. I think our bodies are fighting it off and needing rest. Of course rest is in short supply with a sick baby in the house.

The church we are attending is doing an awesome bible study this year following Paul's journeys. It started in Acts and we are moving on to Galatians right now. When we are finished with it, we will return to Acts until we reach the time when he wrote his next letter to the early churches. I would invite you to join me on his journeys. You sign up and get a daily e-mail with the short passage and a Watermark member's thoughts on the passage. It is awesome...

I realized that I never posted pics from Mason's very fun train birthday party. Enjoy!