Thursday, February 14, 2008

Funny story

The other day, Eric worked from home in the morning for a little while before we had an appointment together. I got Mason and Miles dressed for school. When Mason was ready, he came to us and told us "I going to the office to work. I need Daddy's keys to drive to the office." He picked up a book (ironically, it was "The Everything Potty Training Book" - yes, please read it Mason and actually practice what you read!!!!), picked up keys (mine, not Daddy's) and started telling us bye. We repeated what he said about going to the office and he just kept telling us, "yes, I got to work. I going to the office. I drive Daddy's car." It was so funny! At the same time, I reminded Eric that before we know it, he will be asking for keys or taking his own and driving off and we won't be able to stop him or just laugh at him. Amazing how quickly the last 3 years have gone. I still feel like I saw that first + pregnancy test just a few weeks ago rather than nearly 4 years ago (4 years ago June 1st!!). I never would have predicted then that I would be where I am right now - a stay-at-home mom with two boys, working part-time as a Realtor (more about that in a minute), writing a blog on a Monday afternoon. I am pleasantly surprised at how it all has worked out.

So, after Miles was born, I decided to inactivate my real estate license. As much as I enjoyed it, I just didn't have the time or energy to market myself, keep up with clients and provide the level of service that I would expect from a Realtor. It is 8 months later, and while I still don't have the energy most days (Miles is totally inconsistent about sleeping through the night -- could be the reflux, random gas/constipation, and now random teething pain -- I never know what to think!), I do feel like I need to start doing something again that I enjoy, gets me out of the house, interacting with adults and using my brain. There are so many details to work out (childcare, how to handle domestic duties like laundry and cleaning, etc) but I am starting to look at brokerages and interviewing. I think that it is a good time for me to enter the market. With my mortgage servicing/loss mitigation/foreclosure/short sale, etc experience, I have something extra to offer clients and know how to work with a mortgage company.

The other news is that we had our first interview with a preschool for Mason. We are looking at starting him 3 days per week in the fall. When we are accepted to one, I will post where he will be going. Our first choice is a Christian school that is K3-6th grade, so it would also solve our elementary school problem (The elementary school that we feed is not a very good school, unfortunately. Most families in our area go to private schools.).
OK, enough ramblings for one day. I will post more soon!
Happy Valentines Day to all! Kendra, Mason and Miles