Monday, February 4, 2008

Just another Monday

Both boys had "school" today. The first preschool we applied Mason to called today to schedule the parent interview. It is a great christian school and goes K3 to 6th grade, so it would be a fabulous fit and solve our elementary school problem. I'll update afterwards on how it goes.

Miles still has no teeth, but he is sleeping better and is not as fussy. I wish all the sleepless nights would have resulted in a tooth, but at least he is feeling better. He did start crawling on Thursday. He actually started making forward progress! :) Things are going to get even crazier in our house soon!!

Nothing terribly exciting to write about today. Tomorrow is swim lessons for Mason, Wednesday is Miles' upper GI test, Thursday is school day again and Friday we are having the boys pics done for Mason's 3rd b-day. So, busy busy week. I need to fit in a could of runs and a hair cut for Mason.

Sunday's run: 5mi -> 64:27 (Yes, I was slow, but it was 72 degrees and 61% humidity!!)

Have a fabulous week!!
PS.... see a new post that I just finished and is under Jan 22....about my Nennie.