Saturday, March 1, 2008

7 mi run

According to our GPS, I ran 7 mi. According to google maps, I ran 7.3 miles. I'll go with google maps! :) 7.3 mi -> 1:27:23
I just ran 7 miles. Wow! It is tempting to think, wow, I am just now over halfway to 13 miles. I have such a long way to go still and only 5 weeks until the run. My head tells me that I should quit training. That I will never be able to run 13 miles, especially with the little training time that I am able to put in during the week. My legs tell me that they are tired right now. My hips say that they hurt and why do I insist on pounding on them. But, my heart is just really, really proud of me. I have never run 7 miles. Next weekend, I will run 8. I am sure that around mile 2-3 I will start thinking I am crazy, why am I doing this, this hurts, etc. But, I have the next 7 days to be proud of myself and enjoy my accomplishment. I have always wanted to run all the way around White Rock Lake (it is approx 9 miles). In 3 weeks, on my 9 mile run, I plan to do just that. Wow.
Hope you have a great day.
PS... happy 32nd birthday to me!!! :)