Tuesday, March 18, 2008


It has been a busy week since I last posted.
Miles - Tuesday night he started a croup-like cough. Wednesday late afternoon started running really high fevers (103.7-104.5). Again. Thursday, took him to the ped and he had another ear infection (only in one ear). High fevers, not eating, throwing up what he did eat. Longggggggg weekend and not much sleep...took him back on Monday and the infection was much worse and in both ears. He lost 1 pound in the last week as well. So, we officially got a referral to an ENT yesterday. We knew it was time and the ped agreed. So, we'll be going in on 3/31 to see what they think if this situation. Please keep Miles in your prayers that the new medication will get rid of these ear infections. On a happy note, Miles is cruising around furniture, hates sitting, just wants to crawl or stand, and loves to "walk" while we are holding onto our hands. He has also stood by himself a few times for several seconds. We are getting closer to having 2 walkers/runners in the house! :)
Mason - Mason is doing great. I think that he is having a little bit of jealousy issues. He had to go with me to 3 ped appointments for Miles in the last 7 days. A lot of attention has been paid to Miles lately, so he is understandably looking for attention and acting out to get it. Seems easy enough to remedy with a little extra TLC. Otherwise, he is happy, healthy (yea!) and a typical 3 year old!