Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend in Chicago

We had a fabulous last 4 days!!! Wednesday, we left the boys with Mimi and Grandpa (Wednesday and Thursday nights) and flew to Chicago. Eric had a training class on Thursday and Friday. I got to sleep (at least until 5am when Eric had wake-up calls to our room so he could work .... ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!), read, hang with our youngest niece, Emi and my sis-in-law Kim, eat, eat, eat, shop a little and have a great time recharging!
We had no real agenda, except for a list of foods/restaurants we (ok, I) wanted while we were there -- yummy italian food (check), deep dish pizza (check), "toast" (our favorite breakfast place-check), ice cream from Annettes (oops - missed that one - it was closed last night when we went by after dinner). Oh well... next time we'll be sure and visit 2 times to make up for the miss this time! :)
The weather was SO cold, windy and it even "thunder-snowed" on Thursday. Crazy snow blowing off the lake, could not even see the road from our room on the 31st floor!! Plus, it was thundering at the same time. Very bizarre happenings!
The boys stayed with Nana and Papa Friday and Saturday. Mason did great about being consistent with his potty training (only one accident that I heard about - thank you God for this amazing turn of events!!). They both slept better than they did when we went away in October. Miles made huge improvements in his "walking/cruising". He was taking off around the coffee table like an old pro this evening. He also wants to just hold your hands and walk, walk, walk. Before we left (yes, just 4 days ago), you really had to pull him along to get his feet moving. Today, he was off and I had to keep up with him! He also is balancing so much better and is standing on his own for a few seconds at a time. I may be very wrong, but I will be quite shocked if he does not walk by May 1st. I'll (of course) keep you posted and put some pics and video up of him walking.
We go to our first appointment at the ENT tomorrow. Great timing as he still has a runny nose. Hopefully, we will find out something and learn if the fluid that was still on both of his ears about 9 days ago (Friday a week ago) dried up or is still there. He did get a second round of antibiotics since it was there and we were going out of town and he is still on that. So, there should not be infection.
Have a great week!