Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Project life - week 20

Yes, a day late again on my Project Life.  Life got in the way.  Well, that and the fact that I couldn't find my camera yesterday to download pictures.  And, today is Mason's last day of preschool, last day at Grace*Academy and Miles' 3rd birthday.
The tears they are a-flowin' today! 
Moving on........

  Sunday, May 16 - Baptism Day at our church.  I love that we move to a local park and had 216 people baptized.  I got to watch as a new friend and her son were baptized together.  Such a sweet time of worship and praise!

Monday, May 17 - Sweet Max with a fluffy bum! He is getting so confident standing up and has started cruising.

Tuesday, May 18 - The big boys love to shave with Daddy in the mornings.  I love the fresh out of the shower look - wet hair, no shirt, yummy smell!

Wednesday, May 19 - Summer = water.  The boys enjoyed their first afternoon at the Y sprayground.

Thursday, May 20 - Miles loves his teacher Ms. Catherine.  She was so special to us this year and really loved on Miles as he transitioned to "big brother".  I just love how he is snuggling with her in this pic!

Friday, May 21 - Mason's class had their Bike Parade today.  It was fun despite the crazy high humidity!

Saturday, May 22 - I had a pedicure and painted my toes blue.  Miles thought they were so funny and told me to take a picture of them.  :)


dawn said...

What a fun busy week you had. Happy Birthday and graduation day. We have a spray park at the y also. Love the blue nailpolish. have a good week.