Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Project life - week 19


Sunday, May 9 -- Happy Mothers Day to me.  I love the cards and pictures the boys make at school for me.

Monday, May 10 -Silly Daddy playing dress-up.

Tuesday, May 11 - Now that I what I like to see.  Two big boys helping mommy out around the house! :) (They are cleaning the window.)

Wednesday, May 12 - Mason's last preschool Chapel at Grace Academy.  It was their Mother's Day Chapel.

I also took Miles and Max to the ENT today.  Miles was officially given a clean bill-of health and Max needs tubes. :(

Thursday, May 13 - Dress up at Keely's house.  I have NO idea what Mason was supposed to be!

Friday, May 15 - Apparently, it is the week for dress-up play!  Funny Miles!

Saturday, May 15 - Mason LOVES to work in the yard.  He is so helpful but also really stinkin' cute with his little wheelbarrow!